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FRCP Part I: An Overview

1h 1m

Created on May 14, 2019





Federal court is a world of its own. Part I of this two-part series, led by attorney Maria-Vittoria Carminati, is aimed at taking you through federal rules of procedure and provide attendees with the anatomy of a federal case. While the FRCP could occupy a semester's worth of classes, this course gives you the structure of a federal case.

Starting with a petition, followed by rules to serve, the requirements for filing a motion to dismiss, and the FRCP 26 disclosures, you will no longer feel overwhelmed and lost when managing a federal case. This course provides plaintiffs and defendants with a roadmap to the federal court system.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Break down the structure of the federal rules of civil procedure
  2. Address the disclosure procedure and its timing
  3. Be ready for the scheduling conference and the drafting of a scheduling order
  4. Recognize the nuts and bolts of federal discovery procedure

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