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Framing and Arguing Your Case in the Supreme Court: Tips for Certiorari and Oral Argument

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Created on September 13, 2017




The Supreme Court grants review in about one percent of the cases in which petitions for certiorari are filed. Sometimes, the same question is denied many times before it is finally granted. Successful petitioners often have laid the groundwork for Supreme Court review from the early stages. And once a petition has been granted, convincing the Supreme Court to rule in your favor can depend on unparalleled oral advocacy in front of a very hot bench. This program, taught by Ruthanne Deutsch and Hyland Hunt of appellate boutique Deutsch Hunt PLLC, will use examples from the 2016 Term to illustrate strategies for persuading the Court that your case cries out for Supreme Court intervention, and tips for arguing your case in front of the Justices.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Explore best practices for framing a case to increase the odds of Supreme Court review, using examples from the 2016 Term
  2. Discuss common techniques for opposing review if you are seeking to preserve an appellate victory
  3. Gain key tips for oral advocacy applicable to any court, illustrated by examples of argument from some of the country's top oral advocates during the 2016 Term 

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