Alcohol 101: Alcohol Beverage and Distribution Law

Production Date: May 05, 2015 Practice Areas: Food, Beverage, & Agriculture Estimated Length: 5445 minutes


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This course, presented by McDermott Will & Emery LLP partner Marc Sorini, provides an overview of alcohol beverage and distribution law in the U.S.  Starting with general principles, Sorini takes participants through the legal categorization of different types of beverages, the industry’s primary regulators, excise taxes, the concepts of “control” versus “open” state regulation, the “three-tier system,” franchise laws, “tied-house” and other trade practice restrictions, and the regulation of labeling and advertising.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Recognize the overarching themes of alcohol regulation in the United States

II.   Identify the multiple jurisdictions and agencies with a role in regulating and taxing alcohol beverages

III.  Introduce the basic concepts of excise taxation as applied to alcohol beverages

IV.  Understand the categorization of different type of alcohol beverages

V.   Grasp the foundational concepts necessary to understand the distribution and sale of alcohol beverages


Thomas M.
Lee's Summit, MO

Very Educational- thank you.

Joseph R.
New Haven, CT

very informative

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New York, NY

Great speaker. Clearly an expert in his field. Well done.

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Very thorough.

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Great lecturer

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San Antonio, TX

Particularly good course.

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In my opinion the speaker of this course was well-prepared. Thank you.

Christopher C.
New York, NY

Nice and comprehensive for a broad subject

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Timothy S.
Grosse Pointe, MI

Great course.... enthusiasm made the subject matter pop. Would recommend getting him to do more. :-)

Julia P.
Charlotte, NC

The instructor made this program very enjoyable to watch and referenced current events as well as historical facts to tie in with the material.

arthur a.
New York City, NY

Presenter had encyclopedic knowledge of the topic.

Amy F.
Buffalo, NY

Wonderful instructor and materials!!

Neal B.
Fairfield, IA

Excellent speaker.

Jennie W.
Washington, DC

Interesting and informative

Kathleen D.
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Yvenne K.
Ashburn, VA

Excellent presentation and very well presented (i.e., no endless droning on!). Many thanks Marc!

Rebecca S.
Lakewood, CO

I particularly enjoyed the history bit. Thanks for an informative class.

Taylor B.
Arlington, VA

Great course!

Kyoko I.
Alexandria, VA

Great presentation!!

Bruce C.
Culpeper, VA

Not an area I deal in, but very interesting.

Noam R.
Highland Park, IL

Great program

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good overview

Regan F.
New York, NY

excellent presenter - great energy talking to a camera for 90 minutes

Lauren G.
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Very helpful

Richard B.
New York, NY

Really great presenter. Excellent presentation.

James O.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation by a speaker with command of the subject matter.

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

Interesting topic. Materials and course were well organized and the instructors had sufficient time to discuss nuances in alcohol law.

Mary F W.
Alexandria, VA

This is the best CLE I have seen in a long time. Mr. Sorini gave important information in an orderly, concise, interesting way with humor. Clearly he is deeply knowledgeable in this area.

Frederick N.
Star Tannery, VA

Excellent presentation on a complicated topic. Highly recommended, even if it really isn't your practise area.

Inga-Kerstin W.
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A fantastic program. Would love to see more from this presenter.

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Fun, interesting speaker.

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Very interesting subject by good speaker.

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Excellent speaker.

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Terrific presentation.

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This speaker by far was the best of all speakers to date. Very effective eye contact, body language and speech.

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Great topic and terrific presenter

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Excellent presentation.

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I would love another CLE on this topic! Excellent

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Very substantive course. Great speaker.

Amy G.
Norfolk, VA

Perhaps the best Lawline presentation I have watched--and I've watched quite a few, most good. Fascinating. Complex. And though an hour and a half, doesn't drag at all.

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Scott L.
Atlanta, GA

This was one of the best courses I have taken on Lawline. Great speaker with an obvious expertise in the subject matter. Great intro course. I would love to see more advanced courses on the topic from this presenter.

Elizabeth M.
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Mr. Sorini is an excellent speaker and made the subject matter interesting.

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Very well done. Educational and engaging.

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Good value, variety of courses

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Well prepared and well presented!

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Instructor was excellent and clear.

Kristopher B.
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Very substantive, and presented in an efficient and entertaining way.

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presenter was very good...a great deal of information

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Arlington, VA

Presenter was very knowledgeable and made listening easy.

Hilary A.
Gardiner, NY

This topic and the presenter were good.

John R.
Charlottesville, VA

Excellent summary presentation and introduction on topic that is difficult about which to find substantive CLE presentations. Very effective review.

Jessica I.
New York, NY

interesting and fast paced.

Robert M.
Lewes, DE

Excellent presenter.

John E.
Alexandria, VA

Super presentation

Richard R.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent program. It's a 100° Saturday afternoon and I needed to do some CLE. When I saw my old colleague Marc Sorini's name, I knew which program I'd select. This is one of the most interesting CLE programs I've heard in several years even though it's not an area of law in which I practice.

Steve S.
delray beach, FL


Joan F.
Glens Falls, NY

Interesting and concise.

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

A challenging topic covered well by the speaker who delivered the material in a most engaging fashion. McDermott Will & Emery LLP is lucky to have access to your considerable knowledge in this area.

Eric H.
Temple, TX

Great presnetation

Larke S.
San Jose, CA

This course (especially the speaker) was fantastic, I really felt like the 50,000 foot overview was perfectly paced and very interesting, a great way to get some CLE.

Virginia E.
Henrico, VA

Great seminar to learn the history surrounding the development of alcohol law in this country at the federal and state levels..

Mark C.
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Interesting topic and excellent presentation.

John R.
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Great presentation!

Adam P.
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Matt M.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The instructor was well-informed and able to maintain my interest throughout.

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An excellent overview by an engaging speaker. Highest recommendations.

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Great CLE

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Very good presentation.

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Educational AND entertaining - high recommend.

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Fascinating - thank you!

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Excellent instructor.

Erich S.
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thank you, Marc!

Kenneth M.
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Excellent course. Tons of good info presented in a concise and effective manner.

Ageliki K.
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excellent lecturer - engaging

James M.
Broomfield, CO

Course slides were very helpful

gregory l.
Mesa, AZ


Euticha H.
Gloucester Point, VA

Very interesting topic - I learned a lot about the history of alcohol regulation in the United States!

glen h.
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Jonathan B.

Great presentation, I vote for an Alcohol 102 class. Deal with more local licensing, liability, insurance and operational issues for retailers.

John B.
San Antonio, TX

Fantastic program

John F.
Berryville, VA

Excellent presentation: fast-paced, informative and interesting. All 4's for Mr. Sorini!

Michael B.
Arlington, VA

Best course I've ever taken in my life.

Thomas R.
Midlothian, VA

Great overview of a fascinatingly complex and diverse area of law.

Margaret W.
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This guy has to be a professor - what a great, entertaining way to present the material.

Kevin J.
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excellent and very interesting.

Michael E.
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Great presenter

Danielle B.

Great speaker

Stuart S.
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I enjoyed the broad approach taken by the speaker, and as the Virginia Wine Snob, I will find it useful to help my vineyard/winery clients.

Tim S.
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Great topic: had lots of details to learn.

Jennifer H.
Calgary, AB

Engaging speaker

Shelley R.
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Speaker was excellent, very dynamic and engaging. Easy to listen to for the entire session.

Chris S.
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I would LOVE to take more classes from him on this subject. He's great!

Michael B.
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Great speaker.

Lindsey B.
Oxford, MS

Would love more on this topic! Fascinating area of law and great presentation.

June C.
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Excellent in every way!

Frank C.
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Great Speaker - A more in depth look would be great

Brian T.
Chicago, IL

Excellent speaker and insightful analysis of an area that is difficult to cover in such a short period of time.

Michael M.
Portland, OR

Excellent overview of a very complex topic. Bring this guy back for a follow-up course.

Larry A.
Salinas, CA

great speaker,kept it interesting

Karen L.
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excellent presentation

Carolyne A.
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Very informative lecture. It's a great overview and I would love to see some more detailed lectures on the subtopics. Amiable speaker.

Susan Z.
New York, NY

Polished and professional. This one was really good.

Kathryn A.
Williamsburg, VA

Great presentation

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Alexandria, VA

Mr. Sorini makes a complex topic fascinating. Kudos!

Adrian W.
Griffith, IN

Wonderful program and instructor; would take again.

William T.
Lisle, IL

Speaker was very effective and covered a large breath of material. For someone with limited exposure in this area of law I found the course interesting and informative.

Layne S.
Wrightsville Beach, NC

enjoyed historical perspectives on the law

Frederick S.
Glendale Heights, IL

Very good speaker. Great presentation. Thank you.

C. T. A.
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Very good knowledge of the subject that I am most interest in for representation of clients, but for myself as well. Am thinking of opening a Blues club!

Leonora S.
Greensboro, NC

Great Speaker! Held my attention the whole time. Obviously knows his stuff. We have a lot of brew pubs, distilleries and wineries in my state-NC and there have been my changes in NC state law.

T. O.
Alexandria, VA

Attorney Sorini did an excellent job!

Lynn H.
Mercer Island, WA

excellent program