Financial Statements for Lawyers: Putting the Square Peg in the Round Hole

Production Date: July 28, 2015 Practice Areas: Tax Law and Business, Corporate, & Securities Law Estimated Length: 3909 minutes


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Understanding accounting is essential for anyone involved in business decisions. As such, attorneys must comprehend business financials to properly and effectively represent their clients. In this program, Bart Basi provides attorneys with the fundamental concepts and applications of accounting necessary to properly advise on major business decisions.


Learning Objectives:

I.   Grasp the fundamental concepts of accounting 

II.  Apply these concepts in the preparation of financial statements

III. Advise business clients on decisions derived from financial statements



Nicholas D.
Scottsdale, AZ

Excellent program.

Donna W.
Northbrook, IL

I wish that this program had been longer so that the instructor could have spent more time on the last few slides. He is excellent, however.

Barbara E.
Westbury, NY


richard m.
Merced, CA

helpful presenter, would like more from him

Michael J. L.
Plainfield, NJ

Very good and really an excellent presentation.

Donald W.
Naperville, IL

great presentation! dynamic!

Stephen D.
West Port, CT

Dr. Basi was the best presenter I've seen. These CLE things are often hard to watch. I was surprised at how quickly this one was done, and wanted to hear more. That's a rare thing. I never comment either. I did here, because this man really knows how to present rather dull material in a way that doesn't make it dull. Kudos.

Lorenzo L.
Colleyville, TX

Mr. Basi is exceptionally knowledgeable and interesting in his delivery and anecdotes.

David D.
Alexandria, VA

Excellent - would have liked this in a two ot four hour format.

stephen m.
Phoenix, AZ

best program viewed to date presenter was excellent

Phil S.
Houston, TX

Very helpful and informative

Steven K.
Sioux Falls, SD

Excellent overview

James L H.

Excellent course. Need more like this!!!!

John L.
Palm Harbor, FL

Excellent practical advice. I wish there was more time for his real-life experiences. Great speaker with the ability to simply complex subjects.

Arthur R.
Chicago, IL

Excellent job by Dr. Basi

donald n.
Manhattan, NY

Excellent clear presentation

jerold s.
Chicago, IL

Outstanding presentation.

William S.
Belmont, NC

Excellent program. Dr. Basi is a fine instructor.

Joshua W.
Sacramento, CA

Fantastic presenter! Wonderful use of a real life example to illustrate the difference between financial accounting books and tax accounting books.

Don K.
Houston, TX


John D.
Edina, MN

Mr. Basi is a fantastic presenter. I understood all of the information he presented...

Larry S.

Dr. Basi is great. Really enjoyed his presentation and learned a lot.

John W.
Winter Garden, FL

Best presenter on Lawline.

Kevin W.
Hendersonville, TN


John C.
Boulder, CO

Very clear presentation of basic financial principles with easy to follow examples. Much appreciated. The nuts and bolts instruction begins about 27 minutes in.

Michael B.
Grapevine, TX

Great presentation!

Blanche A.
Manhattan, NY


Stuart P.
Fairfax, LB

Basi does a great job as always

Teresa H.
Glen Allen, VA

Excellent Presentation

Aaron A.
Norfolk, VA

Great presenter!

Bart V.
Fairfax, VA

Excellent presenter

Eugene A C.
Herndon, VA

Outstanding teacher who provides generous details in written materials.

Henry G.
Henrico, VA

Dr. Basi is a fantastic instructor. Regardless of the subject matter, he always makes it interesting and relevant by bringing in real-world examples from his years of experience.

Christopher H.
Arlington, VA

Dr. Basi is a very good presenter

Joseph T.
Eden Prairie, MN

Excellent presenter

Stephanie G.
Euless, TX

I enjoyed the presentation. Good speaker; good presentation.

Marion G.


Larry H.
New York, NY

Given the subject matter, the presenter was truly engaging and informative.

Felix C.
Houston, TX

Basi is the best!

William M.
Lake Bluff, IL

NIcely done

Robert K.
Eden Prairie, MN

best lawline presenter

Lee H.
Arlinghton heights, IL

Good insights into recognizing that there are different accounting methodologies!!! Having said that, it still takes some doing to really understand accounting differences--cash v accrual etc!!! Court provides a heads-up but more is required to really understand and apply the different accounting methods!!!

Gary F.
Ruskin, FL

Excellent program.

Jacob C.
Chicago, IL


Scott S.
Uniondale, AL

Dr. Basi was an engaging and effective speaker who made dry concepts interesting.

Jerod B.
Saginaw, MI

He is the best presenter lawline has

Mitchell H.
Tallahassee, FL

This speaker is consistently good.

Robert Z C.

Good and practical class. Would love to see a more "in depth" version of accounting for lawyers.

Jonathan L.
Newton Highlands, MA

I've viewed other programs over the years with Bart Basi and he's always very informative yet practical.

lawrence r.
White Plains, NY

very clear and cogent presentation

Tadia W.
Lawrenceville, GA

Great introduction to the subject.

Ronald L. B.
lisle, IL

Every program presented by Dr. Basi is incredibly good.

Pinchas M.
New York, NY

First rate lecture

Lawrence L.
Houston, TX

bart is great

Samuel Y.
Hummelstown, PA

Dr. Basi is one of Lawline's best presenters. A great intro level program.

John H.
Germantown, TN

Bart Basi is always good.

Dwight B.
Flatwoods, KY


Lynn L.
Austin, TX

Very good basic information.

Francine C.
Hoboken, NJ

Very helpful

David M.

Good online seminar

mitsuko o.
New York, NY


David B.
Netcong, NJ

Dr. Basi is a fantastic speaker.

Mei L.

He is excellent.

D. Benjamin B.
Abingdon, VA

Good basic overview of financial accounting and common misunderstandings by non-accountants

Russell R.
Naperville, IL


Edward G.

great presentation

A E F.
Portland, OR

Wonderful, knowledgable speaker but seemed to run out of time. Material might be better discussed in multiple sessions.

Coby L.

Outstanding program. Thank you. Dr. Basi was excellent in his presentation and with his materials.

Ryan M.
Saint Paul, MN

This was one of the best speakers that I have seen in one of these. Pretty clear that he was a teacher at one point in his career.