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Financial Services & the GDPR

1h 31m

Created on November 08, 2018




The General Data Protection Regulation came into force across the EU on May 25, 2018. It applies to the acquisition, handling and processing of EU residents' personal data, regardless of where they are or where that data is acquired, processed, or stored. It's wide-ranging and contains significant penalty provisions. Banks and other financial services firms are certainly accustomed to dealing with regulations. This regulation represents the biggest change in privacy law in decades.

In this program, attorney and information security consultant Scott Aurnou discusses the GDPR and the fundamental steps needed to comply with it, including pertinent privacy and security measures. He will provide an overview of related privacy and data security concepts, outline the Regulation's key provisions, and highlight steps needed to achieve compliance and secure customers' personal data. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Break down essential privacy and related security concepts
  2. Develop a broad understanding of the GDPR
  3. Recognize the primary concerns for financial services regarding the GDPR
  4. Appreciate fundamental steps needed to achieve compliance and secure customers' personal data

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