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Fifteen Common Mistakes, and Simple Suggestions to Avoid Them, for a Future Smooth Probate

1h 30m

Created on May 25, 2017



This program, presented by estate planning attorney Daniel Timins, will provide an overview of the fifteen most common mistakes made when estate planning. He will walk through all the potential obstacles an attorney may face if he or she is familiar with drafting wills, but has not yet experienced many of the nuances associated with probate. Topics to be discussed include revoking past wills, fixing mistakes after a will has been executed, general bequests, naming beneficiaries, survivorship provisions, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the fifteen most common mistakes when drafting wills
  2. Develop strategies for avoiding those mistakes
  3. Review additional probate considerations, such as identifying witnesses to a will at the time of probate
  4. Discuss best practices for holding clients' wills in your possession

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