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Federal Patent Cases Update


Created on October 08, 2019




Patent law is changing rapidly and the pace of that change has continued to accelerate, with important new precedential decisions being issued from the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit every few weeks. This course, led by experienced patent litigator Christopher Loh, aims to catch up in-house patent practitioners and outside counsel on the latest developments in patent case law in 2019 to date.

This includes a review of the Helsinn on-sale bar and Return Mail IPR Supreme Court decisions from last term; a preview of the Nantkwest PTO attorneys' fees and Dex Media IPR time bar cases on deck for the next Supreme Court term; and several other important Federal Circuit decisions that affect both substantive patent law and procedural issues of interest to IP stakeholders.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review recent important Supreme Court patent law decisions
  2. Summarize recent Federal Circuit Court decisions, including those addressing 101 patent eligibility under Alice/Mayo, Article III standing in IPR appeals, and aspects of the IPR time bar
  3. Identify substantive legal impacts and procedural issues for IP stakeholders
  4. Advise IP stakeholders on how best to address new challenges raised by recent developments in patent case law

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