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Federal Criminal Procedure: The Basics

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Produced on November 29, 2016

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Course Information

Time 2h 1m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Criminal Litigation Public Interest

Course Description

Federal criminal procedure is among the most important topics in American law. How are crimes investigated? What are the rights of the accused? These questions involve fundamental issues with which courts have struggled to provide a framework that is both fair and just for centuries. In the United States, a rich corpus of case law provides practitioners with guidance as to how to represent those accused of criminal behavior.

This course examines the various stages of a federal criminal prosecution, including the requirements for probable cause, appearances before a magistrate, arraignment, pretrial motions, trial, and sentencing. It also discusses major policy issues such as crime control and due process models of criminal justice, along with ethical considerations and political concerns.

Moreover, this course covers the Fourth Amendment, search and seizure (including search warrants), lawful arrests, Miranda v. Ohio, interrogation, the right to counsel, and the Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the mechanics of basic federal criminal procedure with respect to how investigations work
  2. Avoid common pitfalls facing federal criminal practitioners
  3. Refer to case studies examining situations where various procedural and substantive rules are relevant
  4. Learn practical tips for representing federal criminal defendants

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Glen Sproviero

Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

Glen Sproviero is a commercial litigator with extensive experience representing both large corporations and closely held businesses in a variety of matters, including partnership and shareholder disputes, financial services issues, insurance coverage, securities litigation, corporate governance disputes, mass torts, and complex commercial litigation. 

Prior to joining Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP in Manhattan, Glen served as a law clerk to Judge Robert D. Mariani of the United States District Court in Pennsylvania and as a litigation associate with a prominent national law firm. He also served as an intern for Judge Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr., now of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. 

Glen received his A.B. from Fordham University, an M.Phil. from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, and a J.D. from Rutgers University. He is admitted to practice law in both the federal and state courts of New York and New Jersey.


Clark M.


Mark Z.

Outstanding speaker; knows his subject

James M.


Catherine L.

This was one of the best CLEs I have ever taken. The presenter was knowledgeable, and presented case law which was interesting and informative. Really excellent.

Edward M.

Interesting program.

Adeel J.

Great course!

Sean Paul O.

Clear, substantive summary of the law as it stands now (changed since law school.)

Jose V.

Thank you. Reminded me of Civil Procedure in College.

Steve S.

Very good course, knowledgeable presenter.

John C.

Excellent overview of Supreme Court decisions in the evolution of criminal procedure.

Roxanne F.

I really enjoyed this and the case examples were excellent and made the subject that much more interesting.

Laura C.

Very comprehensive overview with clearly referenced statutory and judicial law.

Heidi N.

One of the best I have done on lawline.

Frederick B.


Stephen G.


Brad N.

Very good, appropriate level of detail.

Rachel L.

This was one of the better lawline courses that I have watched. The instructor was well-prepared, and had background in the actual subject matter, the materials were substantive and the presentation interesting.

John E.

Interesting review

Kristine C.

good presentation

Jonathan E.

Great program.

Fabian G.

Video is put together very nicely. Very much, appreciated.

Laura G.

This speaker was great! He is very animated and I watched every moment. He imparted the information brilliantly. Please tell him to relax. He is doing a great job!

Julie A. B.

Good content delivered well.

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