Fair Use in Entertainment Law

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Produced on: March 30, 2017

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Time 60 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

At its core, the entertainment industry is based upon the development and exploitation of intellectual property – screenplays, music, dance, and video images, to name a few. Individuals and companies involved in entertainment should therefore have a basic familiarity with the laws protecting intellectual property, not just because they give guidance about protecting their rights in their own work, but because they also affect their ability to use the work of others. Creative artists are constantly riffing and expanding upon the images and ideas that they see and hear around them. But as a general matter of copyright law, only the person who creates the original work has the right to copy and/or use it. Is copyright infringed when one work contains quotes or “homages” to another? Does the copyright law mean that no one can ever use an artist’s work without that artist’s express permission? This presentation explores the concept of “fair use” and how it affects the rights of the originating artist and those of the artist who wants to use the work of another.

Menaker & Herrmann partner Cheryl L. Davis covers the essentials of understanding basic IP principles and how “fair use” is being interpreted and applied in the entertainment industry. Davis addresses recent developments and issues in “fair use” analysis and discuss best practices to monitor both how your own IP is exploited as well as how you use the IP of others.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark and patents

  2. Comprehend “fair use” principles and how they apply in both copyright and trademark law

  3. Become familiar with recent court decisions addressing various fair use issues in the entertainment industry

  4. Develop “best practices” for assessing when your IP can be used by others and when you can use the IP of others


Cheryl Davis

The Authors Guild

Cheryl L. Davis is the General Counsel of the Authors Guild. She is a former partner at the firm of Menaker & Herrmann LLP, a general commercial practice firm in New York City. She is a litigator who concentrates in intellectual property matters (particularly copyright and trademark cases), employment, and real estate/construction related matters. She has counseled architects and design professionals on how to protect their intellectual property, and has made multiple industry presentations on the topic. She is also a co-author of Law for Architects: What You Need to Know.

Professional & Community Involvement:

  • Diversity Co-Liaison of the ABA Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries and Vice Chair of the Arts and Museums Committee of that Forum

  • Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee for the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section for the New York State Bar Association

  • General Counsel for the League of Professional Theatre Women

  • Vice President of Theater Resources Unlimited, and a former member of the Theater Panel of the New York State Council on the Arts

  • New York City Committee of the Law Firm Access to Justice Campaign Committee of Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, Inc.

  • Participated in a NEA panel on Musical Theater

Representative Speaking Engagements:

  • Panel Member in a program entitled “Architecture Law: Contract Negotiation, Intellectual Property and Claims” presented by Hudson Valley Bank

  • Presentation on “Copyright and Intellectual Property Law” to National Academy of Neuropsychology

  • Presentation on “Intellectual Property and Architects” (both live and webinar)

  • Presentations on “Contracts, Options and Underlying Rights” and “Differences between Commercial and Not-for-Profit Theater” to theatrical producers, for which she was interviewed by NY1 (Theater Producers Strategize To Ensure Their Shows Go On)

  • Presentations on employment issues, such as Social Media Concerns in 2015, Sexual Harassment and the “Employee Who Complains”



Alexandra M.

Excellent program. It was informative and entertaining.

Mark B.

Very good presenter. Well organized and easy speaking voice to listen to.

Rosanne F.

Very well presented program on “fair use.”

Marvin C.

As good an overview as the time permitted, and good written materials.

Simon J.

Excellent presenter

Peggy F.

Very good instructor.

Marsha S. B.

The speaker's presentation was comprehensive and very well organized. She covered a lot of case material in a relatively short time.

Carla M.

Excellent speaker. Passionate about this area of law.

David P.

Well done on Fair Use, common sense mixed with good case law.

Kelly S.

very informative

Edward N.

Well presented. Speaker really appears to be interested in explaining the topic

Richard B.

Great course. Great instructor.

JoAnn S.

Excellent presentation and course materials. Thank you.

Megan M.

I really enjoyed this speaker!

Karin I.

Good presentation. Enjoyed the speaker.

Christina C.

Fantastic! One of the more informative and interesting CLEs I've taken!

Sandra G.

I have these issues in my business law practice

David M.

Excellent overall. Would have preferred some more detailed written materials, but definitely excellent overall and great speaker.

alison g.

interesting and informative speaker

erick w.


Eric H.

Great presentation.

Michael S.

Appreciated the short intro. Good, clear voice and comfortable pace. Thanks.

Dwight B.


Stephen E.

Excellent...excellent. A very intelligent, articulate and organized presenter.

Alan K.

This is the Louis Vuitton of CLE.

Richard D.

An enjoyable summary of the topics.

Steve T.

She did a great job with this lecture

Lasean C.

Great presentation.

Jeff D.

Great presentation.

Martza M.

Thank you for making it easy to follow. Well organized

Ronald B.

Pretty good explanation of what is considered to be "Fair Use" . . . .

James A.

Convenient, well done and informative!

Otis C.


Christine L.

Speaker was very knowledgeable and informative

Socrates K.

Cheryl Davis is a very good addition to your faculty. Thank you,

Randy B.

Good overview on this course. Some slides with set guides would be great.

Nicole B.

Really fantastic presenter.

Rick K.

liked it

Kelly H.


Nina V.

Very informative - really enjoyed the case examples the presenter gave

Tracy D.

I really enjoyed the presenter and the presentation. She was knowledgeable made the subject matter interesting and easy to understand. Thank you!

Laury F.

Good discussion of the topic.

Alison M.

Excellent presentation. Great case law examples.

Rodrick W.

Excellent presentation!

Karen C.

One of your best speakers and program. Excellent

Monique H.

Spectacular presentation!

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