Fair Use After Authors Guild v. Google

Production Date: October 24, 2016 Practice Areas: Intellectual Property Law and Copyright Law Estimated Length: 3610 minutes


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Fair use is a complicated and ever evolving area of copyright law. Recently, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit decided Authors Guild v. Google, a landmark fair use case ten years in the making that addressed the heart of the fair use analysis: is the junior use of the original copyright material transformative? This presentation provides context for the Authors Guild v. Google case, walking through the broad basics of copyright law and narrowing down through fair use, allowing for an informed and engaged discussion of the details and holding of the case.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the underlying Fair Use principles of the Google Books question
  2. Articulate the court’s reasoning as applied to the facts of the case
  3. Predict the ways this decision may play out in future Fair Use litigation

Elizabeth O.
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Excellent program

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Great presentation.

Gregory S.
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The speaker was very good at illustrating examples of what might or might not constitute fair use. Very helpful.

Richard D.
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Randy Friedberg is great.

Allen B.
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Useful on "fair use" and its development as a copyright principle.

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Well done and right on point for my client.

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I am really enjoying the Lawline content - well done!

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The instructor seemed genuinely interested in the topic, which improves the experience.

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Speaker grabs one’s attention at the program’s outset with a refrain from the song "Pretty Woman" and holds it throughout this engaging presentation.

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Great. Clear.

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This was a great overall look at some IP issues for general practitioners.

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fun engaging lecture

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Great CLE

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Excellent lecture

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Learned a lot. Thank you!

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Excellent pulling together of history, case law, personal experience.