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Examining Virginia's New Employment Law Mandates and Developing Strategies for Compliance

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Created on October 12, 2020





Virginia has historically been recognized as an employer-friendly jurisdiction. However, after the Democratic Party gained a political "trifecta" following the 2019 election cycle – where both houses of the state legislature and the governorship are now controlled by one political party -- the Commonwealth has enacted a series of new laws that have completely redefined the employment landscape. 

These new laws are designed to provide broad protections for employees and increase employers' liabilities in Virginia, and include, inter alia:

·         Restrictions on covenants not to compete for low-wage workers;

·         Expansion of employment discrimination protections for LGBT and pregnant employees;

·         New private right of action and investigative authority regarding misclassification of workers as independent contractors; and

·         Stricter penalties for employers who commit wage violations. 

These new developments come on the heels of several other significant laws that took effect in 2019 and also imposed new obligations on Virginia employers.  The new laws relating to employee disclosure of pay, restrictions on confidentiality in cases of sexual assault, and employee access to personnel records. 

This course, presented by Joon Hwang and Melissa Harclerode of Littler Mendelson, P.C., the largest labor and employment firm globally, will examine this new wave of employment laws in Virginia, and explain the implications for both employers and employees, as well as best strategies to ensure compliance.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine this new wave of employment laws in Virginia

  2. Identify the potential implications for both employers and employees

  3. Develop strategies to ensure compliance with the new mandates

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