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Examining U.S. Privacy Law in California, Virginia, Colorado, and Beyond

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Created on December 02, 2021





New data privacy laws are being enacted in the U.S. that have national and even global reach. Existing privacy laws, such the CCPA, have been amended and expanded. This program, taught by data privacy and cybersecurity attorneys Joseph Facciponti, Sharon O'Shaughnessy and Gaurav Talwar, will discuss the latest developments in U.S. data privacy law and what businesses need to know about compliance with these laws, with a focus on the comprehensive data privacy laws in California, Virginia, and Colorado, as well as how they compare to the GDPR. This program will benefit privacy attorneys, in-house lawyers and general counsel, chief compliance officers, chief privacy officers, and litigators.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the requirements of new data privacy laws and how they apply to businesses

  2. Compare and contrast the relevant provisions of privacy laws in California, Virginia, and Colorado, as well as with the GDPR

  3. Discuss effective compliance strategies

  4. Review relevant enforcement actions

  5. Predict new trends in privacy law development

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