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Everything You Need to Know About Child Support Proceedings in CA (Audio Only)

1h 1m

Created on January 11, 2018




This course, presented by California Certified Family Law Specialist and former Chair to the Family Law Section of the California State Bar, Mark Ressa, will cover everything you will need to know about establishing and modifying child support orders in California. Given that very few child support orders deviate from California Guideline Child Support, a large part of the program will be spent on how to maximize or minimize child support for your client.

Financial ability, imputing income, need for support, what is includible in 'income available for support,' rebutting the presumptively correct amount (i.e., deviating from California Guideline Child Support) and dealing with 'child support add-ons' are some of the topics that will be covered. Also discussed will be bonus support (i.e., Ostler/Smith) and strategies to minimize future modifications and frequent 'true-ups.'

Learning Objectives:

  1. Calculate California Guideline Child Support via a step by step approach
  2. Identify what is includable for 'income available for support?'
  3. Discuss when it is appropriate to deviate from California Guideline Child Support and how are those amounts calculated
  4. Decide when it is necessary to hire or have appointed forensics calculate income available for support
  5. Assess mandatory versus discretionary child support add-ons
  6. Receive practical tips using real-life cases and examples

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