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Everything You Need to Know About Antitrust - in 60 Minutes!

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Produced on October 13, 2017

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Course Information

Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

This course is, as its title suggests, an introductory antitrust compliance course for corporate generalists, in-house counsel, and general practitioners. It provides a basic, fast-paced overview of US antitrust law and principles and is intended to help the non-specialist identify antitrust issues when they arise in practice. The purpose of the program is to make sure that “you know it when you see it.”  

Join James Calder of Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, an antitrust veteran with decades of experience advising clients on antitrust corporate matters and representing parties in antitrust litigation and investigations, for this engaging and important presentation.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Use antitrust as a business tool – and understand why it is both a sword and a shield in the hands of sophisticated counsel and business executives
  2. Discuss an overview of US antitrust laws and a taste of foreign competition law
  3. Identify penalties for antitrust violations and the importance of ongoing antitrust compliance
  4. Address basic antitrust issues that arise and the principles that govern their resolution

Credit Information

This course is pre-approved for CLE credit in the following states. If your state is not listed, contact support for more information on how to receive credit


James Calder

Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP

James J. Calder devotes his practice to antitrust and competition law. He is co-chair of Katten’s Antitrust and Competition Practice.

His practice includes the full range of antitrust and competition matters – litigation, investigations, M&A, premerger notification, joint ventures and counseling. His work involves both civil and criminal antitrust issues. Approximately one third of his work is international or cross-border.

James has helped design and structure dozens of joint ventures involving competitors. Some are purely domestic, others are international and need to comply with the competition law requirements of multiple jurisdictions.

He has handled antitrust matters for clients in more than 50 different industries including apparel, aviation, food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care, consumer and military electronics, motion pictures, recorded music, financial services and information technology



Richard H.

Great job explaining antitrust basics in 60 minutes!

Cyril B.

Smart commentator

Christine G.

I would like more examples of conduct that was deemed to violate the law. The ones provided were insightful.

Mark C.

Terrific CLE. Very well presented. Made a difficult and dry topic arresting and at times fascinating. I would look forward to other lectures.

Andrew S.

Excellent presentation. The presenter really knew his stuff and provided a good overview for an attorney with no antitrust knowledge or experience.

Diane H.

Outstanding presentation. Great overview.

Eric C.

Ideal refresher course, a simple one, on anti-trust law. The presenter did a good job.

Barbara B.

Great program

Thomas T.

Thank you!

Steve S.

Terrific course for the beginner; very clear presentation.

Shawn O.


Eric P.

Excellent presenter. Very informative and interesting presentation.

Eric R.

Great speaker and presentation.

Mark J.

Very good overview of antitrust law.

Leslie R.

Great introductory course from an engaging instructor.

Warren M.

A law school semester course in one hour! Nice job.

Mario M.

Very Good! Very thorough introduction to anti-trust issues.

Martha A.

Excellent program. His did a great job in explaining the overall concepts, which is exactly what I needed. So jam-packed with good info that I’ll probably listen to this one a second time!

Karen K.

Great concise presentation, effective and knowledgeable presenter.

Richard M.

This was absolutely outstanding. Perfect for in house counsel

Chloe G.


Mary B.

Good review

John E.

Very interesting.

Kenneth R.

Very good program. I wish it was a little longer.

Christopher B.

Great overview; very informative and clear.

Dolores H.

Excellent overview.

Richard L.

Highly recommended.

Lydia Z.

Excellent overview course.

Raymond O.

Very well done and informative.

Kimberly B.

Great presentation. I would definitely take an advance course, if offered.

Bikash R.

Excellent presentation. I hope you'll invite him to do the intermediate level talk he mentioned. I would suggest running something on state unfair and deceptive trade practices laws which are akin to anti-trust but much more likely to be litigated in a run of the mill business lawsuit.

Georgian P.

Interesting course! Very informative!

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