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Ethics of Web Marketing, Blogging and Social Media for Attorneys

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Produced on June 25, 2017

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Course Information

Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

Course Description

As social media has become entwined with our personal and professional lives, attorneys must be aware of their ethical obligations. Many attorneys on a regular basis share information by blogging, posting, commenting, publishing and even podcasting. When putting this information out for the whole world to see, they must be sure they are not committing any ethical violations.  

The presentation will focus on the following;


  • Is it advertising?

  • Where should you host it, on your firm website or independently?

  • Can you discuss your cases and experiences?

  • Can you be sued for what you write?

  • Ghostwritten blogs                                         

Online Reviews

  • Can you ask clients to leave for you?

  • Can you respond to negative or misleading reviews? Should you?              

Use of social media to promote your practice

  • Profiles on Public Networking sites

  • How the use of social media and search engine optimization can sidestep the “No solicitation” rule

  • Leaving reviews for other attorneys

  • Keeping personal and professional pages separate

  • Retention of media

  • Disclaimers

  • Your comments on social media platforms

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Recognize how the rules of professional conduct apply to attorney use of social media
  2. Identify ethical obligations that might arise when attorneys use social media

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2017 Bridge the Gap Event.

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Scott J. Limmer

The Law Offices of Scott J. Limmer

Scott J. Limmer has more than 20 years of experience practicing in the area of criminal defense law, representing clients in State and Federal Courts. Scott represents clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties for essentially every type of criminal offense.

He received his Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University in 1993. In 1994, he began work as an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County, where he handled thousands of cases and gained invaluable knowledge in the area of criminal law. In 1998, he left the DA’s office and founded a solo criminal defense practice on Long Island. Not long after, he added an additional office in Queens. Scott has represented countless clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties, advocating and guiding them through the criminal justice process.

 Scott also represents clients accused of violating their college’s code of conduct, specifically Title IX sexual abuse and harassment issues. He has advised clients throughout schools in the Northeast as well as around the country. 

Scott is the co-host of the “Reboot Your Law Practice” podcast. Scott and his co-host talk each week about how attorneys must give value, be authentic, build relationships, adjust, and evolve to be successful in the new legal reality we are practicing in. 

Scott enjoys discussing the business aspects of running a law practice, the future of law and how technology is changing the way most lawyers do business.


Richard C.

Excellent program with tons of good information.

Jane F.

Very informative.

Rebecca R.

very helpful

David M.

This course is substantive and the gentleman who guides it is a great and knowlegeable guy.

David R.

Nicely done, good material and experiences shared.

Douglas L.


Matthew K.

This speaker was particularly good; among the best for CLEs I have done over the years and I have done a lot.

Jeremy F.

Interesting presentation on topical subject

Nancy M.

Things I hadn’t thought about as a government attorney. It’s a new world!

Chandler B.

Informative but not to techie. Quite often, these types of programs become to technical for the lay person. Not true with Mr. Limmer. Thanks.

Mattie A.


Deborah H.

Lively, interesting, and current.

Patrick M.

Very good. Relevant and up to date. Thank you.

Lisa L.

It was really great. He mentioned many things I would have not even thought of.

Joanna S.

I started practice before the age of social media. I found the lecture encouraging, by embracing the reality of practicing in the digital age, and maximizing its benefits (in terms of enhancing my practice).

Ross B.

He was one of the best I've watched.

Susan M.

Great relatable stories and examples

Tyler H.

This was the best CLE I've seen on how to use social media and SEO to build or revitalize a practice.

Frederick B.

Good presenter

Jhiela P.

Engaging speaker

Lawrence C.

Very comprehensive, well organized & helpful!

Stephen M.

Good program with balanced, realistic, and ethical presenter.

Helen T.

The instructor was awesome. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting when I chose the course, but he was so engaging that I continued listening. I learned a lot!

Scott J.

Very informative

Eve L.

Excellent presentation. Very personable.

Della S.

Very helpful program. Just what I was looking for. Thank you

Lisa H.

Good presenter

Jeffrey M.

Great speaker

Pamela F.

I learned a lot from the class. Enjoyed the presenter as well.

Jay H.

Excellent presentation.

Nazar K.

A good course.

Howard G.

Truly an excellent presentation...perhaps the best speaker I’ve heard!

Adrienne L.

Good presentation on a topic we all need to keep up on.

Richard B.

This is one of the programs that I will listen to again - great ideas!

Nirav P.

Very useful pearls regarding safeguarding oneself when advertising and using social media.

T A J.


Allan S.

Great Presenter.Interesting topic.

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