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Ethics of Communications with the Insurance Company (the Tripartite Relationship)

1h 2m

Created on May 21, 2018




The "tripartite relationship" between a policyholder/defendant, defense counsel, and the insurance company providing a defense sometimes leads to conflicts of interest, as when the insurance company furnishes a defense under a reservation of rights letter and some approaches to defense or settlement may militate against coverage. In addition, conflicts can be subtle, as when defense counsel is hesitant to pursue coverage against an insurer-employer.

Join attorneys Diana Shafter Gliedman and Stephen Wah of Anderson Kill as they explore the nuances of the "tripartite relationship" in this timely program.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the "tripartite relationship"
  2. Enumerate the conflicts and policyholder rights
  3. Explore the subtleties of these conflicts  

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