Ethics, Mass Communications & the Law: Ethical Legal Marketing & Media Presence

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Mass Communications include all forms of media ranging from television to news reporting to social media and more. The law intersects with so many fabrics of society that it is a common and frequent subject in mass communications whether it be criminal law, real estate deals, mergers & acquisitions, business disputes, large verdicts, family law interest stories, or much more. For lawyers, knowing how to ethically harness the use of or participate in mass communications is critical and essential to maximizing marketing exposure while avoiding disciplinary action.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the common intersections of the law and mass communications

  2. Recognize opportunities for ethically harnessing the media to market your law practice

  3. Ethically engage in the use of mass communications

  4. Position yourself as a media resource

  5. Prepare and manage your client for news interviews

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