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Ethics in Estate Planning & Administration in Virginia

1h 1m

Created on March 04, 2019




Estate administration in Virginia is complicated. The relationship between attorney and client is further complicated by the emotions that clients are often experiencing when they turn to their attorney for estate administration assistance. This program will help attorneys navigate the estate administration process effectively and competently, while also protecting themselves and minimizing their chances of being the subject of a malpractice claim. Attorneys will learn to navigate the complexities of estate administration with an eye towards promoting the ethical representation of clients in this difficult area of law.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Find guidance when confronting difficult ethical issues in estate administration
  2. Understand who you represent and why it matters
  3. Prevent conflict of interest issues
  4. Review what is competent representation, specialized knowledge, preparation and consulting
  5. Discuss attorney-client privilege, the duty of confidentiality, and how they may be applied
  6. Ethically handle attorneys' fees
  7. Plan more and problem-solve less

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