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Ethics in Employment Law: Hot Button Issues

1h 31m

Created on September 18, 2017




Employment law practitioners and litigators are required to navigate a wide variety of ethics issues in their day-to-day practices. These issues are implicated not only in the course of representing individuals and employers in litigation, but also in counseling clients on employment law matters and conducting internal investigations. Being able to identify and evaluate these challenges early on in a matter can be critical to the successful and ethical representation of both individual and corporate clients.  

This course, presented by Goldberg Segalla attorneys Caroline Berdzik and Michael Katzen, offers a refresher in the basic ethics rules and concepts most frequently implicated in the practice of employment law and provides tips for both experienced and new attorneys in how to navigate these potentially treacherous waters.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review frequently implicated ethics rules in employment law practice
  2.  Identify common situations that present ethical challenges, including:
    1. Joint representation of employers and employees in employment litigation
    2. Conducting internal investigations for corporate clients
    3. Conducting social media research on parties, witnesses, and jurors
    4. Intersection of criminal and civil proceedings
    5. Inadvertent disclosure of attorney-client communications
  3. Consider appropriate responses and proactive measures to help navigate and resolve these issues

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