Ethics in a High-Stress, High-Stakes Legal Work Environment

Production Date: May 26, 2016 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3745 minutes


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The stress of working in a high-stakes legal environment often negatively affects attorneys and their office culture. This can manifest itself in many different ways – including sapping productivity and creativity, hampering attorney engagement, and causing attorney attrition. These negative effects are often in tension with the ethical responsibilities of lawyers under the Model Rules of Professional Conduct. 

In this course, Cynthia Pong, an organizational consultant and former public defender, presents an easy-to-follow primer on recognizing the effects of a high-stress legal environment on attorneys and office culture, as well as practical steps that can be taken in order to improve attorney productivity, engagement, and creativity in the legal work environment. 


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify signs that attorneys are being negatively affected by a high-stress legal environment

II.    Learn methods and practices to systematically address these negative effects and ensure compliance with the Model Rules of Professional Conduct

III.   Develop a strategic plan to implement these methods and practices in the legal workplace

lisa s.
new york, NY

great (and timely) presentation

Michael M.
Chicago, IL

Although not a legal/substantive discussion, it was great to learn this perspective on stress management. Very helpful.

Joseph M.
Waukegan, IL

This was a great presentation on a subject that does affect all of us in this profession at some point.. Ms. Pong was an excellent speaker and I hope that she has the opportunity to do future presentatons.

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Excellent presentation.

Judith A.
Champaign, IL

Loved this!

Walter K.
Oak Brook, IL

excellent presentation

Shayna W.
Oak Park, IL

Much needed coverage of an important topic.

Barbara S.
Burns Harbor, IN

Very helpful advice - I definitely recommend this course.

Stephen E.
Crestwood, KY

This was a GREAT webinar. Cynthia Pong was informative and witty.

John R.
Batavia, IL

This was very useful on both a personal and professional level. Excellent presentation.

jenifer R.
Woodbridge, VA

Cynthia Pong has a great sense of presence in conveying difficult information in an interesting, original way. Excellent!

Barbara B.
Cincinnati, OH

Excellent..!!! Just what I needed. Loved this speaker.

Michele S.
Paducah, KY

Excellent speaker

J Page S.
Breckenridge, CO

The mindfulness and meditation part was especially helpful. Thanks!

Kristina S.
Phoenix, AZ

Great program! It is refreshing and helpful to hear an honest assessment of the stress that lawyers face and to obtain practical strategies for overcoming that stress. Thank you!

Jake R.
Boulder, CO

Definitely not your typical CLE, but I think I liked it!

Frances P.
Highwood, IL

Excellent and helpful presentation - life changing!

Patricia E.
West Palm Beach, FL


Samuel W.
northbrook, IL

Nice change of pace from usual cram course process. Enables unhurried reflection and change of focus

Vera W.
North Riverside, IL

Excellent tools for life

Karin I.
Crestwood, KY

very practical information

Anthony S.
Santa Rosa, CA

Skeptical at first, by the end, not so much. Will embrace the change.

Joseph S.
Chicago, IL

really liked this one

Cara S.
Forest Park, IL

Excellent course and presenter.

Andrew W.
Evanston, IL

Definitely a refreshing change from the standard presentation. It introduced me to mindful exercises that I hope to use in the future. One of the most practical presentations. Thank you.

Faustino R.
Chicago, IL

The program discussed an important subject that more attorneys should be aware of.

Geneace W.

Different, but good.

Julie M.
New Orleans, LA

I think this is an important topic for the legal community. The presenter did a good job of making her powerpoint more visually stimulating than the others I have watched.

Ann W.
Park Ridge, IL

Refreshing program that provided some very practical techniques for de-stressing.

Andrew R.
frankfort, IL

Good presentation. Very upbeat.

Corinne T.
Fort Thomas, KY

Great speaker. She is engaging and has a quirky sense of humor.

Kristin L.
Louisville, KY

Loved it. Great presentation.

Nancy V.
Cedar Falls, IA

Excellent program

Luke W.
Geneva, IL


Omer P.
Cambridge, MA

Different but very helpful.

Ethan G.
Brooklyn, NY

Great course. Should be taught in every law school and every law firm.

Brigette R.
Brooklyn, NY

basic but very helpful

hilory w.
Glenview, IL

An important topic, and one not discussed nearly enough.

Diane V.
Skokie, IL

This was a great presentation. A great topic to bring to the forefront. It was not until I stepped back from practicing law that I realized how unhealthy the environments of law firms really are.

Roger E.
Columbia, KY

interesting concept on stress relief

Mary N.
Hinsdale, IL

Excellent! Would definitely recommend

Benjamin P.
New York, NY

Very compelling, timely and relevant. Mental health issues in law practice are rampant, and they deserve compassionate attention.

Dennis S.
New York, NY

Very helpful tools presented by an inspiring mentor.

Alexandria M.
Glen Cove, NY

I really enjoyed the breathing exercise

Pam S.
Glenview, IL

Cynthia was a good presenter. The information was useful and positive.

bethany c.
Chicago, IL

Great presentation.

John B.
Rio Rancho, NM

Overall, a very good coarse.

Janet P.
Skokie, IL

loved it! Thank you!

Daniel C.
Huntington, NY


Emily Z.
Cambridge, MA

Great. Different and thought provoking.

Andrietta W.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation, very informative, with practical tactics for managing stress for practice of law and daily life.

Leann F.
Houston, TX

Really enjoyed this course, particularly the interactive aspects which I look forward to practicing in the future. Thank you!

Robert L.
Dublin, OH

I found this program particularly effective. I especially appreciated the non-traditional aspects of the program.

Dallas, TX

Great Presentation

Sera H.
Apex, NC

Awesome course, much needed. Thank you!

Candace K.
Dana Point, CA

Best class I've taken. Highly applicable to my life. Thank you!

Max K.
New York, NY

I am going to ask my firm to hire Cynthia run sessions at our workplace

John C.
Henderson, NV

Good stuff.

Karen T.
Leicester, NC

I too am a recovering lawyer, working now with elementary school students. This program appropriate to teachers as well. Excellent presentation!

Katherine T.
San Mateo, CA

thanks cynthia! great presentation with helpful material.

Anthony W.
Henderson, NV

I was very impressed with the tie-ins of stress-reduction techniques with the real-life effects of law practice.

Richard M.
Cary, NC

The instructor was enthusiastic which greatly improved the course.

Allegra S.
New York, NY

Cynthia Pong was wonderful! She made the material very easy to follow- course exceeded my expectations!!!

Jason H.
Manhattan, NY

Presenter was absolutely terrific. Both engaging and informative.

Marc F.
New York, NY


Sonje H.
Chicago, IL

Fantastic and practical.

Jason K.
Aurora, IL



I needed to experience this class. Thank you.

Rachel O.
Dallas, TX

Great presentation.

Peter C.
Albany, NY

One of the most valuable CLEs I've ever taken!

Lilly F.
Chicago, IL

At first, I wondered how relevant this program would be. Then, I was drawn in by the very practical advice on managing stress to ensure you keep balance and give your best to the work.

Elizabeth F.
Mundelein, IL

Great exercises!

John R. M.
Villa Park,, IL

...very different...a meditation in a law seminar!!! I liked it.

Michelle K.
Highland Park, IL

A fresh, practical take on provisions of the model rules

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Knowledgeable speaker offering helpful information in a concise package.

Michael R.
Port Chester, NY

Cynthia Pong is a gifted speaker. This was an outstanding CLE!

Meredith I.
Wilmette, IL

Great Program!

James L.
Ann Arbor, MI

Presentation was an important message for lawyers to hear, and yet not what I expect from cle

Allyson B.
Charlotte, NC

Spectacular, unique and just what many of us need. Thank you!

Nicole D.
Oak Park, IL

Best CLE yet.

Jose Raul A.
Oakland, CA

Awesome course!

Dawn L.
Chicago, IL

How refreshing! It's great to see the bar taking responsibility for helping its members stay healthy and productive. M There should be more programs like thise even, and this type of mindfulness training should be mandatory for all lawyers. Also, Ms. Pong is amazing. What a find!

Stephanie L.
College Park, MD

Great tactics to employ in a stressful life, not just a stressful job.

Aileen B.
Elmhurst, IL

Wonderful presentation. Nice change!

Benjamin C.
Schaumburg, IL

really great advice for exercises before court appearances

Michael K.
Northbrook, IL

Good program. Lawline should pursue more programs involving alternative approaches to the challenges of practicing law.

karen p.
Phoenix, AZ

Fantastic program!!!!!!

James H.
Lisle, IL

great advice

Marilyn K.
Glenview, IL

I enjoyed the presenter and the content of this seminar.

Thelma F.
San Francisco, CA

Inspirational and pracatical topic to manage stress in legal environment and daily life. Appreciated referrals to interet

Laurie K.
Scottsdale, AZ

awesome program

Shannon F.
Wilmette, IL

This is an interesting course outside of the norm for attorneys. I found it very interesting and useful.

Dusan John D.
Phoenix, AZ


John H.
Gurnee, IL

While this presentation is not filled with legal principles it does address an important issue - that of a healthy working environment and mentality within a very stressful industry.

Sarah D.
Katy, TX

Great presentation!

Elizabeth H.
Sarasota, FL

Very helpful program

Audrey M.
Tucson, AZ

I really appreciated getting to actually practice exercises that she was talking about.

Henry V.
Naples, FL

Engaging speaker!

Bradley G.
Austin, TX

Nice to see a program on mindfulness.

Kathleen D.
Huntington, WV


Kelly M.
Moncure, NC

Class was great! All attorneys should watch it!

Pamela P.
Cincinnati, OH

Enjoyed participative approach versus typical stand and deliver

Frank T.
Boise, ID