Ethics for the Family Law Attorney

Production Date: February 13, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics and Family & Matrimonial Law Estimated Length: 3683 minutes


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Ethical minefields are lurking everywhere, particularly in the area of family law. Join Angela Scafuri, Principal at Bressler, Amery & Ross, for an informative program designed to identify the most frequent ethical violations in family law and how to avoid them.

This seminar will assist both new and seasoned family law practitioners in understanding the do’s and do not’s involving attorney-client privilege, e-discovery and social media, as well as provide tips and “best practices” that can be put to immediate use to avoid ethical pitfalls.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the “Cardinal Rules” of professional conduct: Competence, Diligence and Communication
  2. Develop an understanding of an attorney’s obligation to maintain competence in Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”)
  3. Identify the ethical challenges presented by electronic discovery and social media
  4. Examine how to ethically investigate a party and witnesses using social media
  5. Explore how to ethically advise your clients in the use of social media
Neil M.
Naples, FL

Very interesting.

Jay H.
Huntsville, TX

Excellent presentation.

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Robert F.
Westerville, OH

all is good

Rebecca H.
Washington, DC

Very informative presentation!

Jennifer B.
West Sayville, NY

This presenter was fantastic!

Eric P.
Dallas, TX

Timely and well done.

Lisa O.
Quincy, IL

Very informative presentation. I would definitely recommend this topic and presenter.

Joseph L.
Casselberry, FL

Very good, knowledgeable presenter.

Bruce R.
deerfield, IL

speaker was knowledgeable and informative

Gretchen K.
Yonkers, NY

A really informative class. I enjoyed the lecturer's voice and manner. Very easy to listen to. Highly recommend.

Andrea M.
Pompano Beach, FL

This CLE was well done and made me expand my thinking on ESI.

Ryan A.
Carmichaels, PA

Well done!

Marvin C.
Flagler Beach, FL

Provides some eye-opening info concerning social media obligations that go beyond what most attorneys would expect to be discoverable or an ethical obligation.

Peter D.
West Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation! Ms. Scafuri is very articulate.

Jeffrey D.
Paola, KS

Pretty good information.

William T.
Lisle, IL

My advise to friends is never post anything you don't want to be used against you....ever. This presentation explains why.

Benjamin H.
Andover, KS

The social media coverage was very insightful

Ruth G.
Chicago, IL

Good reminders about social media.

Deanna R.
Glen Ellyn, IL

Angela is a great presenter!

Ivan K.
New York, NY

This course was very instructive, timely and relevant

Darlene D.
Stamford, CT

This was an excellent update on discovery in the age of social media and technology, particularly highlighting ethical considerations.

Julie A. B.
Hiles, WI

Friendly, knowledgeable speaker. All family law practitioners should watch this program. You’ll thank Lawline later.

Erika E.
Columbia, MO

Very informative and relevant to my practice.