Ethics for the Entertainment Law Practitioner

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Produced on: March 30, 2017

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Time 90 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

The Entertainment Industries, whether involving music, film, TV, or written works, pose many potential conflict situations and ethical concerns for the practitioner. In this program, attorney Ronald Bienstock reviews a number of these scenarios, from the initial retainer or engagement letter, to the execution of a series of heavily-negotiated complex transactions involving many clients, to potential litigation involving those very same transactions.

Issues will arise that will challenge even the most experienced attorney. For example: should a client have independent counsel review a retainer that has the attorney participating in equity or a percentage of revenue? When an attorney is acting as an agent, can or should the attorney speak exclusively to artist management or an agent during the negotiation of a transaction? Can an attorney represent a “band” or artist as a group, or does one represent the individuals (or both)? How does an attorney represent clients that are located in several international jurisdictions? What about non-traditional attorney roles of finding funding for projects or finding creative partners or co-writers for clients? How does or can an attorney work with entities or individuals that may have left a project? How does or can an attorney work with former clients that have left the firm, then return for counsel or advice on a new or prior matter? Mr. Bienstock provides a concise review of the these type of issues in this CLE presentation.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify ethical issues that may arise in the practice of entertainment law
  2. Review various entertainment law scenarios and the relevant practical and ethical considerations concerning those scenarios
  3. Understand a lawyer’s duty to clients in different sectors of the entertainment industry 


Ronald Bienstock

Scarinci Hollenbeck, LLC

Ronald S. “Ron” Bienstock, attorney and musician, joined Scarinci Hollenbeck after running his successful boutique entertainment and intellectual property law firm, Bienstock & Michael, LLC for 30 years. A full-service corporate, entertainment, and intellectual property practitioner, he represents businesses as well as music manufacturers and musicians. He has handled numerous corporate transactions involving drafting, structuring, and negotiating contracts and licenses for a variety of high-profile clients. As one of the most influential lawyers in the music business, Ron has a lifetime of accomplishments in the legal entertainment industry, on the stage, and in the studio. Among his many landmark wins was a victory against Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Representing 17 guitar manufacturers in the trademark opposition proceeding against Fender, Ron successfully argued that Fender should not be allowed trademark registrations to three guitar and bass body shapes. 

Former general counsel to the manufacturer of Ibanez Guitars and Tama drums, Ron’s clients include Mattel, DreamTheatre, Collins Guitars, and Dean Guitars. As a performing and recording musician, Ron has performed extensively with various major recording artists. He co-founded “The Suits” and has appeared on Conan O’Brien and CNN, and has played with many top-tier bands including the Spin Doctors, Blues Traveler, Eric Burden and the Animals. Ron was editor-in-chief and publisher of International Musician & Recording World Magazine and General Counsel to Hoshino, U.S.A. (manufacturer of Ibanez Guitars, electronics, and Tama drums).


James M.

Very Good

Thomas T.

Thank you!

Rick M.

Excellent presenter

Jordan H.

Great speaker! Extremely good pacing and clarity of speech.

John H.

Excellent presentation addressing a great number of issues that impact practice in this area

Jimmie F.

Great! Fantastic!

Henry G.

Good course.

Marsha S. B.

I think Mr. Bienstock was well-prepared and gave an organized and clear presentation.

Laura F.

Thank you!

Skye J.


Angie M.

I learned a lot of new ways to look at situations.

Stewart K.

Thank you!

Phyllis C.

Thorough, informative, helpful.

Richard D.

I enjoyed the presentation

David M.

Practical and useful, especially for new lawyers and one of the better ethics courses out there, most of which are not helpful or are irrelevant.

Dax R.

Good information for someone relatively new in the field.

Haseeb Q.


Ronald B.

Received what I believe to be some good guidelines. . . .

Jill M.

Mr. Bienstock was clear, concise and well-spoken; he had a clear understanding of the course material and expressed it in a way that was easy for the audience to grasp and absorb. His examples illustrating the Model Rules were interesting and on point. Very entertaining as well as educational.

Michael G.

Excellent speaker and a lot of practical tips to avoid ethical problems.

Andrew W.

Great presentation of many practical issues in the area.

Sara W.

I had the pleasure of working with Ron Bienstock for several years, and it was a pleasure to be taught by him again! I would highly recommend this course.

Edmund B.

Outstanding content and presentation.

Ron R.

Very well done. I'll look for more programs from this presenter.

Raymond L.

Great Course

Shannon T.

This was truly one of the best CLE video courses I've ever watched.

Steven S.

Excellent course and speaker

Joel W.

Smartly articulated subject matter

Monique H.

Great presentation!

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