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Ethics for Small Firm & Solo Practitioners: Common Challenges & Careful Compliance

1h 9m

Created on January 10, 2022





Solo and small firm practitioners represent clients in a unique practice setting that can sometimes create ethical dilemmas. If not identified and resolved quickly, these lurking ethical issues can suddenly turn into disciplinary problems and malpractice claims. Keeping the ethics rules top-of-mind rather than in the top drawer enhances a lawyer's ability to swiftly spot ethical issues, and to analyze and solve them to protect the client's interests and to prevent non-compliance with the ethics rules. 

This course, presented by Devika Kewalramani, Esq. of Moses & Singer LLP, will highlight the most common ethical violations that solo and small firm practitioners should watch out for to avoid getting into trouble. The speaker will walk through relevant ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, and related Comments, case law, and ethics opinions, and will offer practical insights and real-world examples from everyday practice. 

This program will benefit solo and small firm practitioners engaged in any practice, including transactions, litigation, and advisory work.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Review applicable ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and associated Comments, including engagement letters, confidentiality, tech-competence, escrow accounts, diligence, supervision, communication, unauthorized practice, advertisement, solicitation, and business ventures with non-lawyers

  2. Identify common ethical problems that arise in day-to-day practice

  3. Discuss relevant case law and bar association ethics opinions 

  4. Analyze ethical considerations and provide practical guidance

  5. Consider best practices to avoid ethical violations

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