Ethics and Legal Writing Update

Production Date: June 13, 2017 Practice Areas: Ethics and Legal Research & Writing Estimated Length: 3601 minutes


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Ethics are always on the mind of a legal practitioner, as ethical violations can mar a legal career. An area of concern for litigators specifically is the possibility of being disciplined not only by state bar authorities, but by judges in the form of sanctions and public ridicule. This course explores five areas within the broader topic of legal ethics and writing in which judges have taken the leading role in enforcing ethical norms.

Join attorney Daniel Abrams to find out how you can be more ethically aware in your legal writings and subsequently, your practice.  

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Identify court-awarded sanctions for frivolous legal writing
  2. Understand the duty to cite adverse authority
  3. Utilize civility in legal writing
  4. Explore the ethics of ghostwriting
  5. Avoid plagiarism and its ethical ramifications

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