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Ethically Using Tech In Your Law Practice

1h 18m

Created on June 22, 2019





This program, taught by Jenna Karadbil, an IP, Tech, and Privacy attorney, will review the relevant ethics rules (with a focus on New York, as well as the Model Rules) that are associated with the use of technology in law practice. The course will look at the interplay of these rules with a variety of technologies that attorneys use, such as those for communications, calendaring, file storage and sharing, online and offline practice management, and advertising. Given the ubiquity of mobile devices, the program will also consider whether there are different rules for smartphone and mobile technology. Finally, the course will review the use of technology in litigation and evidence preservation.

This will be a practical guide to the ethical issues presented, and will offer best practices to avoid ethical violations.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the various uses of technology in law practice
  2. Identify best practices for using mobile devices to conduct legal work
  3. Avoid ethical lapses when using technology to conduct your practice

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2019 Bridge the Gap Event.     

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