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Ethically Representing Parties In Insurance Coverage Matters

1h 15m

Created on December 20, 2015



Join attorney Evan Schwartz as he reviews the the ethical quandaries and issues that arise when representing parties in insurance coverage matters. Mr. Schwartz discusses the role of defense counsel hired by the insurance company, problems in representing multiple defendants in suits brought by insurance companies, ethical issues surrounding insurance fraud and potential insurance fraud, as well as practical strategies and tips for the management of these issues.


Learning Objectives:

I.      Understand the role of defense counsel when hired by an insurance company to defend an insured 

II.     Recognize issues of fraud or potential fraud in the presentation or handling of an insurance claim and manage the situation 

III.    Appreciate the role of the lawyer in managing multiple clients as defendants in a lawsuit brought by an insurance company, and the ethical issues that will present themselves in those scenarios 

IV.    Comprehend the basic requirements of disclosure and waiver of conflict when addressing potential ethical issues in the representation of parties in insurance coverage disputes

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