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Ethical Issues with Generative AI

1h 4m

Created on November 30, 2023





In today's digital age, generative AI technologies are redefining the boundaries of creativity, innovation, and content generation. However, with their rapid adoption comes a myriad of ethical dilemmas. This course, led by experts James Gatto and Brittany Walter of Sheppard Mullin, delves deep into the challenges and ethical concerns surrounding the use of generative AI. Viewers will explore topics like algorithmic bias, transparency, misuse potential, environmental and societal ramifications, legal implications, and the responsibilities of professionals employing these tools. Through a combination of case studies, interactive discussions, and expert insights, viewers will leave with a robust understanding of the ethical landscape of generative AI and the tools to navigate it responsibly. Viewers will not only be informed about the ethical challenges of generative AI but also be equipped with actionable insights to address them in their respective fields.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Grasp the foundational principles and mechanisms of generative AI and its applications in various domains
  2. Recognize and critique the sources of bias in AI training data and algorithms that could lead to discriminatory or harmful outcomes
  3. Reflect on the environmental footprint of generative AI technologies and their broader societal implications, and consider sustainable and responsible AI practices
  4. Identify the ethical considerations when using GenAI, including duties of competency, confidentiality, supervision, and the need for rigorous fact-checking
  5. Actively participate in ethical discussions on generative AI, fostering a culture of responsible AI development and deployment

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