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Ethical and Purposeful Marketing and Social Media

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Produced on June 16, 2018

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Time 1h 15m
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Ethics

Course Description

When you are putting out content either by website, blog, reviews, or social media posts, as a lawyer there are two considerations that should always be at the forefront of your mind: 1) Does the communication satisfy ethical guidelines?, and 2) How will the intended viewer perceive your communication?

This program, presented by attorney Scott Limmer, will discuss both the ethics of what is published and also the purpose behind the communication, including an analysis of its reach and whether it is influencing its intended audience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a comprehensive overview of the ethical rules governing attorney use of social media, attorney marketing, and internet use generally
  2. Discuss the purpose behind certain attorney communications, and examine their ethical limitations
  3. Examine the ethical parameters concerning the following: blogging, online reviews, sending online newsletters, commenting on internet platforms, profile pages on social media platforms, website search engine optimization, website pay per click, facebook ads, email marketing, reputation management, and use of badges such as “Top 100” lawyers

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2018 Bridge the Gap Event. 

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Scott J. Limmer

The Law Offices of Scott J. Limmer

Scott J. Limmer has more than 20 years of experience practicing in the area of criminal defense law, representing clients in State and Federal Courts. Scott represents clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties for essentially every type of criminal offense.

He received his Juris Doctor from Nova Southeastern University in 1993. In 1994, he began work as an Assistant District Attorney in Nassau County, where he handled thousands of cases and gained invaluable knowledge in the area of criminal law. In 1998, he left the DA’s office and founded a solo criminal defense practice on Long Island. Not long after, he added an additional office in Queens. Scott has represented countless clients throughout Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties, advocating and guiding them through the criminal justice process.

 Scott also represents clients accused of violating their college’s code of conduct, specifically Title IX sexual abuse and harassment issues. He has advised clients throughout schools in the Northeast as well as around the country. 

Scott is the co-host of the “Reboot Your Law Practice” podcast. Scott and his co-host talk each week about how attorneys must give value, be authentic, build relationships, adjust, and evolve to be successful in the new legal reality we are practicing in. 

Scott enjoys discussing the business aspects of running a law practice, the future of law and how technology is changing the way most lawyers do business.


Paul S.

The program presented practical and useful information that can be applied on our social media marketing strategy.

Melanie P.

Great presenter! Very knowledgeable!

Nichon S.

VERY helpful....things were said that I did not know. Some of which I was considering doing!!

Danny G.

I liked this guy. He seemed to have a practitioner perspective.

David G.

Nicely done!

Gabrielle P.

The content was very interesting and useful. The slides had trouble syncing with the lecture.

Haseeb Q.

Clearly passionate about what he does. Information is getting a little out of date, but good nonetheless.

Erin B.

Great job. Thanks!

Joan C.

really helpful - not over my head which I was afraid of.

Tara G.

Very practical, useful information. And nice delivery.

Joanne H.

He is a nice guy. Worked hard to learn how to market and believes in sharing. His info is great. Consider having him to an update seminar from time to time. He is worth watching for an hour and a half. Very practical, comfortable speaker. Thanks.

Janine F.

very helpful course

Edward F.

Excellent job

Sean F.

Phenomenal lecture. Learned a lot on the subject. Hopefully Mr. Limmer has more classes in the future

David G.

Very good class!

Sally A.

Good presentation with lots of enthusiasm

Nancy K.

`great presentation timely topic

Stephan G.

Good class

Regina S.

This course contained so much helpful business advice.

Nicolas S.

Very concrete and specific presentation, and the presenter is energetic, passionate and down-to-earth

Erik L.

Very engaging. Good presentation.

Joseph H.

Fantastic - such good examples of do’s and don’ts along with practical solutions and truisms. Love it.

Melissa A.

Speaker was sincere with practical tips for attorneys based on his experience.

Susan M. B.

Very interesting and important information to have as social media plays such an important role. speaker very good.

John H.

Good topics and discussions - some common sense and some not

Michael S.

Outstanding CLE. Very helpful. Just what I was looking for.

Alexandra S.

I thought this was a great program for any lawyer - such valuable information.

Daoud A.

Great class, great presentation and full of a lot of useful information.

Andrew B.

Nice presentation!

Donald W.

Great insights. Thank you

Kimberly C.

Presenter is engaging and very knowledgeable with practical advice.

Komron M.


Steven B.


Michael I. C.

Excellent speaker

Richard D.

I enjoyed it. Good perspective and helpful info.

Joshua H.


Ana M.

Excellent presenter

MaryAnne C.


Manish C. S.

relevant to reality of today's marketing

R. Christopher R.

Fascinating and timely material

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