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Ethical and Purposeful Marketing and Social Media

1h 15m

Created on June 16, 2018




When you are putting out content either by website, blog, reviews, or social media posts, as a lawyer there are two considerations that should always be at the forefront of your mind: 1) Does the communication satisfy ethical guidelines?, and 2) How will the intended viewer perceive your communication?

This program, presented by attorney Scott Limmer, will discuss both the ethics of what is published and also the purpose behind the communication, including an analysis of its reach and whether it is influencing its intended audience.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain a comprehensive overview of the ethical rules governing attorney use of social media, attorney marketing, and internet use generally
  2. Discuss the purpose behind certain attorney communications, and examine their ethical limitations
  3. Examine the ethical parameters concerning the following: blogging, online reviews, sending online newsletters, commenting on internet platforms, profile pages on social media platforms, website search engine optimization, website pay per click, facebook ads, email marketing, reputation management, and use of badges such as "Top 100" lawyers

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2018 Bridge the Gap Event. 

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