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Environmental Law Issues Affecting the Home


Created on December 05, 2017




This program, taught by noted Environmental Law attorney Stuart Lieberman, will discuss the most common environmental issues faced by residential occupants and owners. Often, attorneys focus on the bigger environmental issues, such as superfund sites, toxic rivers, and noxious pollution from large factories, as these are the types of cases that get the most press and that attract the most people. However, the other side of environmental law means a lot more to residential clients, and these issues are equally compelling. This course will cover noise complaints, odors, including smoke, radon, dirty drinking water supplies, failing septic systems, leaking heating oil tanks, lost viewshed claims, and regulatory takings claims for homeowners.

The program will generally feature common law claims that are relevant throughout the U.S. It is intended for general practice attorneys, real estate lawyers, government agency lawyers and tort lawyers, and any other lawyer who will have to counsel residential clients on these issues.   

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review common environmental issues affect residential properties
  2. Survey the types of common law claims available to homeowners, landlords, and tenants
  3. Discuss best practices in drafting, filing, and litigating these claims

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