Environmental and Toxic Tort Lawsuits From the Plaintiff's Perspective

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Produced on: February 19, 2016

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Time 62 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

As science progresses, we are learning more and more about the kinds of exposures that make people ill, the necessary dose in each instance, and the length of exposure that will cause harm. Turn on the TV,  and whether it’s lead in a city’s drinking water, benzene from a local factory, or gas tanks with holes in them, the problem is increasingly recognized and legal responses are more necessary now than ever before. This program provides an overview of toxic tort litigation from a plaintiff’s perspective. We review cases that have been litigated, causes of action available, statute of limitations concerns, and the real big issue: causation. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Identify cases that are trial-worthy: factors to be considered, questions that need to be asked, and financial considerations that must never be ignored. 

II.    Master the client interview: recognizing the sensitivities that surround the interview, what the lawyer needs to say during the first meeting, and what the lawyer needs to learn from the first meeting

III.   Draft the complaint: notice pleading v. specificity, intentional acts v. negligence, strict liability v. negligence based standards

IV.   Understand the role of experts: which experts, what subjects, and what constitutes the perfect expert in toxic tort litigation

V.    Plan for discovery, a result oriented pathway in a long process: what the plaintiff's lawyer can do to keep the case on track

VI.   Comprehend damages:  what does the client require to be made whole?


Stuart Lieberman

Lieberman & Blecher

Mr. Lieberman is a founding member of the firm Lieberman & Blecher. He is a former Deputy Attorney General for the State of New Jersey who was assigned to the Environmental Protection Section. Mr. Lieberman was also a partner in a New Jersey law firm that was extensively engaged in the practice of environmental law.

Stuart J. Lieberman is a co-author of New Jersey Brownfields Practice, a book that describes legal aspects relating to the sale of contaminated properties in New Jersey. A frequent lecturer on environmental subjects and a weekly syndicated columnist, he has represented many municipalities, businesses and individuals in regulatory and land use matters as well as litigation in these areas. In addition, Mr. Lieberman has worked heavily in the area of regulatory takings and groundwater contamination.

Mr. Lieberman represents clients in environmental matters, defective product and fraudulent claims, land use and general litigation.

Mr. Lieberman is a member of the Mercer County Bar Association and the New Jersey State Bar Association, where he serves on the Board of Consultors for the Real Property Section. 

He has successfully litigated many cases in New Jersey state and federal courts, and has prevailed in two New Jersey Supreme Court cases. The most recent case, Raleigh Avenue Beach Association v. Atlantis Beach Club, was a landmark decision regarding beach access in the State of New Jersey.

In addition, Mr. Lieberman and Lieberman & Blecher, P.C. are counsel to the Passaic River Coalition, an organization committed to protecting valuable water resources in the State of New Jersey. Mr. Lieberman is also counsel to the Coalition for Health and Public Safety, a public charter composed of several municipalities in northern Bergen County who have organized to address public health and safety threats in the area. Most recently, Mr. Lieberman became a member of an ASTM International sub-committee and is lending his environmental legal experience to that organization as it develops a standard for qualification as an expert environmental forensic scientist in civil and criminal litigation.


laura k.

Lieberman is hilarious and very informative

Roman W.

Mr. Lieberman does a nice job of boiling key concepts and practice tips down the essentials. A clear and understandable presentation -- a good primer for those seeking a basic introduction to basic aspects of environmental and toxic torts litigation from the plaintiff's perspective.

Steven K.

Very nice presentation. Nice to hear from someone not from the "Big Law" section of the bar.

Stanley S.

excellent presentation which kept me fully engaged

Michael B.

Excellent environmental law primer course.

Joseph M.

Excellent presentation.

arthur s.

the best presenter I have seen so far. He was good.

Rhonda R.

Mr. Lieberman is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker.

Adrienne L.

Informative, comprehensive, understandable, and a great and interesting presenter. Environmental litigation from A to Z in one hour. Brilliant!

Russ R.


Samuel C.


Daniel J.

Great course, well taught, even enjoyable!

Merrick W.

Entertaining speaker. A lot to absorb in a short time, but a good overview.

Lisa O.

Excellent presentation - very informative - I would highly recommend this

Eric S.


Frank A.

materials were laid out in a very logical and efficient manner

Zachary M.

Strap on your seatbelts and listen to Mr. Lieberman whether you do this type of litigation or not. If nothing else you will be reminded what it means to "love The Law" and that is quite enough.

Andrew P.

Great speaker Wonderful personality Interesting material

William L S.

Excellent and entertaining!

James B.

One of the better Lawline speakers.

Karen B.

What a joy and edification. Thank you to this Attorney who knows how to teach and keep the listener's attention by always addressing why this is relevant to me. Happy New Year. Thanks for sharing your secrets, too!

Sally B.

Would love to handle contribution lawsuit as the speaker made them sound very impactful

Tonya Y.

Excellent litigation practice tips were provided.

Ruth G.

Fantastic teacher. Also very entertaining! Have him speak again. I've practiced law for a long time. He's the best.

Kathryn S.

this guy was great.

Ellis W.

Great delivery. Very entertaining and informative

Kathryn H.

Thank you! This was one of the most informative and easy to follow CLEs that I have ever completed.

benjamin a.

he was really really good

Julie A. B.

Good practice tips.

Nancy H.

Very engaging presentation.

Lisa Y.

great speaker!

Jeffrey L.


Joan F.

Good practical advice

Peter O.

Very Good!

Erin B.

Wonderful speaker, made the topic very interesting.

Loren P.

It is an excellent basic class on environmental and toxic tort litigation.

omar e.

Mr. Lieberman has a great grasp of the subject matter and presents it in a compelling manner.

William K.

good, cursory overview, but not for experienced practitioners

Alexander C.

Very interesting lecture. Well presented. Thank you

Lee H.

Excellent discussion of the practical and common sense requirements for taking and filing an environmental case!!!

Henry H.

Good practical advise.

Constantine G.

Outstanding speaker.

mark m.

Great peppy pace covered a lot of ground very well !!

Melvin K.

excellent instructor

james c.

Great points on a tough subject

Erin L.

I appreciate all of the practical tips! Really knows his stuff.

Michael W.

Great course

Phyllis C.

Brilliant, focused, comprehensive, savvy, useful.

Spencer P.

The presenter was outstanding.

Kiman L.

I would watch anything this guy puts out. He is super entertaining and comprehensive in his overview.

Charles B.

Stuart Lieberman was incredible! This was one of the best courses I have taken.

Randall S.

he was fantastic

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