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Ensuring Cultural Competence With African American Clients


Created on December 10, 2021




It is well established that African American clients often face social and cultural barriers to receiving excellent representation, both as a result of a lack of diversity in the legal profession, and deeply ingrained social prejudices held by individual attorneys. However, if law firms commit to providing high-quality, culturally competent representation to African American clients, there are a number of actions they can take to improve their cultural competence. In this course, attorney Judie Saunders will discuss the barriers to accessing competent legal services, how law firms can implement best practices when working with African American clients, and why this benefits the law firm as a business.

The course will benefit solo practitioners, mid to large-size firms, and HR professionals committed to providing not only efficient legal counsel to African American clients but also interested in fully understanding how the experience of being "Black in America" impacts the attorney client's relationship.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss best practices for cultural competence when prosecuting or defending African American litigants

  2. Overcome societal bias when presenting cases to the court and juries

  3. Review some questions you must ask yourself to uncover your implicit bias

  4. Identify financial incentives for law firms to investing in cultural competency training and practices

  5. Implement easy daily workplace practices to increase cultural competency

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