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Enforcement of Judgments in New Jersey and New York

1h 15m

Created on December 16, 2016




Success in every case ultimately comes down to a collection. Obtaining a Judgment is only half the battle. A client who obtains a Judgment in his/her favor whether by default, motion or trial will not be made whole unless steps are taken to ensure the Judgment is paid. Join attorney Jeffrey H. Ward as he discusses mechanisms for collecting Judgments that are entered in the Courts of New Jersey and New York.

Mr. Ward begins with a review of how Judgments can be entered in both states. This will include the domestication to New Jersey and New York of Judgments from sister states, as well as entry of Judgments by default or motion. He then discusses the most effective ways of finding a debtor's assets and the procedures for enforcing judgments and levying assets once such assets are found.

Throughout his presentation, Mr. Ward will compare and contrast the mechanisms for enforcing Judgments in both New Jersey and New York. This is an excellent introductory course for attorneys seeking to collect a debt on behalf of a client in either jurisdiction.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand how to enter a Judgment in the state courts of New Jersey and New York
  2. Understand the most effective ways to collect a Judgment for your client
  3. Compare and contrast the differences in enforcement of Judgments in both states
  4. Discover tools to discover assets in order to satisfy Judgments

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