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Enforcement of Judgments in New Jersey

1h 40m

Created on October 11, 2015



Being successful and prevailing in a civil action is only half the battle. Every case comes down to a collection. A client who obtains a Judgment in his/her favor will not be made whole unless the Judgment is paid. Join attorney Jeffrey H. Ward as he discusses mechanisms for collecting Judgments that are entered in the Superior Court of New Jersey.


Mr. Ward begins with a review of the structure of the New Jersey Court System. He then explains motion and discovery practice in collection cases, and how to obtain a default judgment. Following this, he discusses the most effective ways of using the New Jersey Court Rules to find a debtor's assets and the procedures for enforcing judgments and levying assets once such assets are found. 


Throughout his presentation, Mr. Ward explains the differences in the Special Civil Part and Law Division of the New Jersey Superior Court system (Court Officers v. Sheriff, filing procedures, court costs, etc. as related to enforcement of Judgments). This is an excellent introductory course for New Jersey attorneys seeking to collect a debt on behalf of a client. 


Learning Objectives: 

I.     Understand the New Jersey Court system

II.    Comprehend how to file a complaint in a collection matter

III.   Motion practice in the special civil part and law division 

IV.   Understand entry of default and default Judgments 

V.    Gain tools to discover assets of debtors

VI.   Execution of judgments - what can be levied upon to satisfy a Judgment and what is exempt

This course originally appeared as a part of our October 2015 Bridge the Gap Event.

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