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Endorsements and NIL: Challenges Now Facing Universities, Athletes, and Businesses

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Created on February 24, 2022





The U.S. Supreme Court, the NCAA, many state legislatures, and educational institutions have established the initial legal framework under which college athletes may earn compensation for product/service endorsements involving the use of their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

Now universities, athletes, and businesses face a range of challenging issues. As the NIL market grows, so do the legal questions associated with it. This CLE program presents practical insights and factors to be considered when navigating the issues related to athletes' newly secured rights of publicity. The discussion will focus on the legal framework emerging nationally and in some states. In addition, the program will provide practical considerations for universities, athletes, and businesses, and will help to anticipate future developments.

Topics to be discussed include the scope of the NCAA interim policy and certain state laws, the prospect of and timeframe for uniform federal legislation, university rules, and policy provisions, and related intellectual property issues. 

The program will feature attorneys from Schnader's Higher Education Practice Group, Intellectual Property Practice Group, and Sports Law Team.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Understand the current legal framework regarding the commercialization of college athletes' NIL

  2. Identify the interconnections on these issues between higher education, intellectual property, and sports law

  3. Assess the practical needs of universities, athletes, and businesses as they move through this fast-developing environment

  4. Anticipate opportunities and challenges potentially faced by the various actors in this new field

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