Ending the Discriminatory Consequences of Age Bias in the Legal Profession

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Produced on: March 15, 2018

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Time 63 minutes
Difficulty Intermediate

In this program, Andrea S. Kramer (“Andie”) and Alton B. Harris (“Al”) begin by explaining the nature and operation of age stereotypes – those about both younger and older lawyers. They discuss how these stereotypes result in discriminatory biases against persons at both ends of the age spectrum. They convincingly explain why it is so important for legal organizations to combat age discrimination. Next, they present a series of effective, practical practices, policies, and techniques that legal organizations can use to eliminate age bias and improve generational harmony. They also review the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the status of litigation under this Act, and the likely impact of ABA Model Rule 8.4(g) on age discrimination.

Married to each other, Andie and Al have been working together for more than 30 years to promote gender equality in the workplace. Their writing, speaking, and mentoring all have as their objective helping women, men, and organizations to recognize and eliminate the discriminatory consequences of stereotype bias of all sorts, including gender, racial, and age.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Analyze the nature and operation of age stereotypes and the biases that flow from them
  2. Examine how these age biases limit career opportunities for both older and younger lawyers
  3. Recognize how gender stereotypes interact with age stereotypes to particularly disadvantage women lawyers over 45 years old
  4. Come away with practical, effective techniques and practices that will allow you and your legal organization to eliminate the discriminatory consequences of age bias


Andrea S. Kramer

McDermott Will & Emery LLP

Andrea S. Kramer is a partner in the international law firm of McDermott Will & Emery LLP, where she heads the firm’s Financial Products, Trading & Derivatives Group. She is a nationally recognized authority on gender communication, having mentored thousands of women and written many articles on the subject, including co-authoring the American Bar Association’s guide, “What You Need to Know About Negotiating Compensation.” Kramer co-founded the Women’s Leadership and Mentoring Alliance (WLMA) and currently serves as the organization’s board chair. She was named one of the 50 Most Influential Women Lawyers in America by the National Law Journal, received the prestigious Gender Diversity Lawyer of 2014 award from ChambersUSA, and is the recipient of many other awards for her commitment to improving gender diversity and equality for women. Kramer is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board of the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.

Alton B. Harris

Nixon Peabody

Alton B. Harris was a founding partner of the Chicago law firm Ungaretti & Harris, now part of Nixon Peabody LLP. At Ungaretti and Harris, he served at various times as managing partner, executive and compensation committee member, and head of the Corporate and Securities Practice Group. Harris is also an adjunct professor of law at Northwestern University School of Law, and he sits on the board of directors of a billion-dollar technology corporation.

He has served as mentor, coach, and counselor to many successful businesswomen and recently wrote with Kramer, “Taking Control: Women, Gender Stereotypes, and Impression Management.” 


John H.

Excellent blend of policy oriented and practical considerations.

Lauren T.

Very engaging presenters who handled an interesting topic well.

Daniel D. B.

very good

William C.

well done

Marvin S.

very good

Albert S.

Informative presentation.

Andrew S.

Extremely thorough and timely

Retha M.

The statistics were used effectively to support the course content.

Jolene C.

Andy is always amazing!

Edward P.

This program raised some interesting issues that are normally ignored.

Herschel S.


Ann K.

Raised many interesting issues.

Rebecca K.

This topic is pertinent and extremely important. Thank you! Great presentation.

John Richard K.

Very thought-provoking. As I am a much older member of the bar, we should never forget the immortal words of Pogo: "We have met the enemy, and he is us!"

Amy H.


Richard K.

Excellent speakers - I learned a great amount.

John B.


Iris G.

Very interesting.

Jack S.

Very thought-provoking about the relative perspectives of the various generations.

Ted S.

Basic, clear, well-organized, personable, good points, excellent conclusion/summary

Patricia W.

I appreciate the information shared. As someone who was admitted to practice at the age of 59, and as a former director of a large research department, everything they said rang true, both with regard to youth and seniority.

Rebecca J.

Unusual and useful presentation


Surprisingly informative and pleasant. And and Al are knowledgeable and interesting!! Thank you.

Christopher C.

Good instructor tag-team chemistry.

Leo N.


Richard H.

Very relevant for me.

Crystal A.

I really enjoyed their dialogue, and their ability to present different perspectives, disagree where necessary, etc.

Loretta O.

Great discussion

Dawn L.

This is an issue that deserves more attention and focus. Presenters did a great job and kept my interest throughout.

Mayer K.

Thank you.

Maria A.

A solid presentation. Gave helpful tips.

Roger B.

great presentation on this topic

Nicholas A.

Remember what happened to Google's engineer James Damore, when he gave an an intellectual serious opinion? Therefore, I fully believe 100% with this and all legal ethics re-education. I am looking forward to being indoctrinated in the future.

David H.

Interesting presentation.

Christ S.

Great course and well taught.

Milka C.

Excellent course. Very thought provoking.

Mary B.

Great presentation!

Diane E.

Thought provoking

Gerardo D.

Very informative

Natasha G.

This was the best course I watched. Having two people made it very engaging. They were also talking to each other and it was a conversation style. Not boring at all

Mark K.

Good refresher!

George G.

A great course. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this course, but my appreciation grew as I got into it. Keep these people around.

Tamra K.

Both lawyers were outstanding!

Gwen I.

Very important subject that does not receive enough attention. Great presentation!

Thomas K.

Excellent course instructors and content.

Susan M.

Very interesting and well presented.

Steven R.

Good concise coverage.

Bradley G.

very good presenters, and good balance between law and practical discussion of applications of law

Jennifer M.

It was nice to see two speakers on this topic, and they interacted to keep it interesting.

Frederick B.

Good content.

Cynthia G.

Great presentation!! Slides were interesting and presenters were very knowledgeable.

Candace B.

This was an excellent program dealing with age discrimination in the legal profession. As an older attorney, I became a solo practitioner in the field of "elder law" in my late 50s and it was the right move for me. I found that older attorneys who find themselves looking for a job face age discrimination and an attorney, without a large book of business, should begin planning for alternatives when they reach their early to mid-50s if they don't want to retire as retooling of knowledge and skills most likely will be necessary. Being a solo in a field that respects my age solved the problem of ageism for me.

Neil O.

Interesting program with many practical suggestions. Also, it was nice to hear from Chicago-based instructors.

Francine C.

helpful and informative class

Richard G.

Good program

Lee M.

This program got me thinking about age discrimination in ways that I had not considered before. It certainly made me much more aware of the problems faced by older professional women, and provided strategies for thinking and behaving in ways that would lessen my own tendency to discriminate, and for coping with the discrimination I face in the profession.

Mary B.

Excellent coverage of age-related issues

James E H.

This was an outstanding live webinar! Ms. Kramer and Mr. Harris are to be commended for presenting such an in-depth program in 1 hour.

J Thomas S.

Andrea S. Kramer and Alton B. Harris are a perfect team. This is my first webinar, but it won't be my last. I will be on the lookout for presentations by this team.

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