Employment Law in Canada

Production Date: June 25, 2015 Practice Areas: Labor & Employment Law Estimated Length: 5438 minutes


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There are key differences between the employment law regime in Canada and its American counterpart.  This course provides a comprehensive overview of Canada's regime and highlights the most important things that all American employers should know about the rights and responsibilities that they owe to their Canadian employees.  The program pays particular attention to common misconceptions that American employers have about Canadian employment law, and provides practical advice on how employers can minimize exposure to liability for the breach of employee rights.


In this course, Miller Thomson partner Douglas Best along with Nafisah Chowdhury discuss and provide information about such topics as employee rights under the common law system vs. employee rights under statutory law, employment contracts, and termination of employment, human rights legislation, and Canada’s workers ’ compensation regime.


Learning Objectives:

I.    Identify key differences between employment law in Canada and the U.S.

II.   Summarize important factors on which American employers should focus

III.  Describe the different implications under the common law system vs. a statutory system



Darren S.
Colorado Springs, CO

Very knowledgeable and engaging instructors. I liked the back and forth and hypotheticals.

Tonye O.
Denver, CO

Thumbs up to Lawline for this CLE. Great job Nafisah Chowdhury!!!

Victor N. C.
Ottawa, ON

Very good presentation. Interventions by Mr Best worked well.

Mark K.
Sugarland, TX

Excellent overview of Canadian employment law concepts. Very interesting and informative.

Carl M.
Dallas, TX

Excellent presentation.

Jerome L.
Northbrook, IL

Worker's paradise!

Edward M.
San Augustine, TX

Very informative. Good teachers!

David E.


Peter S.
Flossmoor, IL

I thought Ms. Chowdhury did an excellent job anchoring the discussion and in laying out quite straightforwardly the basics of Canadian employment law.. Well done.

John C.

Excellent presentation.

Jeanne N.
Chicago, IL

Excellent presentation.i am ready to move to Canada!

John R.
Batavia, IL

Very good.

Joung Ho K.
Flushing, NJ

Goof overview of common and statutory laws of employment

Christine G.
Summit, NJ

Both speakers were very good - I enjoyed the Q&A aspect throughout the presentation.

Jamie N.
Fayetteville, NC

Very informative