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Employment Contracts for Healthcare Professionals

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Produced on October 01, 2020

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Course Information

Time 1h
Difficulty Beginner
Topics covered in this course: Contract Health Care Labor & Employment

Course Description

As more and more physicians and other healthcare practitioners enter the workforce, employers, whether they are hospitals, clinics, or private practices, are updating their employment contracts to create more restrictions for practitioners. It is important for practitioners attorneys to review these contracts closely, not only to confirm that the terms of the offer are correctly drafted, but that practitioners will not be prevented from practicing within their field and/or within a reasonable area should their employment be terminated. In order to negotiate successfully on behalf of the practitioner, attorneys need to understand the language utilized within the industry, including HIPAA, billing procedures, payment structures, and restrictive covenants.  

This course will provide you with an overview of the key aspects, clauses, and terms common to healthcare employment agreements. Attorneys will have a better understanding of whether contract terms are reasonable in their scope, whether practitioners will have the ability to continue to provide services should they leave the employment agreement, and how to identify missing language that should be included in order to protect the practitioner.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the key legal clauses in healthcare employment agreements
  2. Identify legal issues that are not in the best interest of the practitioner
  3. Successfully negotiate the terms of these agreements
  4. Provide a practical guide to practitioner clients before, during, and after employment 

Credit Information

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Stephanie Rodin

Rodin Legal, P.C.

Starting from a young age, Ms. Rodin has been exposed to the healthcare industry, as her immediate family members are either physicians or dentists within various specialties. As a result, medical and legal issues that routinely arose during the practice of medicine and dentistry surrounded her. This provided Ms. Rodin with the expertise that serves as the foundation of her legal practice. Her firm caters to these legal complexities and is dedicated to the growth of professional practices.

Rodin Legal, P.C. concentrates on assisting individual and multi-member healthcare practices to ensure their legal protection and profitability from formation until retirement. From setting up the right legal entity to employment contracts and asset-purchase agreements, Rodin Legal, P.C. is the legal resource to inform practices on how to best protect themselves during their expansion and growth, reduce or avoid audits and run a practice with limited risk.


Frank A. M.

An excellent presentation with examples, clarity and detail.

Valerie C.

Articulate and thorough presenter

Harold B.

Good presentation. Easy to follow

Jodi P.

Very thorough and informative.

Dean C.

Great information.

Michael H.

This course was especially helpful in that it incorporated a lot of examples. These make the abstract-sounding details of contracting come to life in a realistic way. Good use of geographic distinctions between rural, suburban, and urban contexts--and the effects of proximity (such as the UWS' proximity to Hackensack). Thank you.

William P.

As a lucky spouse of a doc, and brother to another doc, I get asked about these contracts pretty regularly. Ms. Rodin's presentation was on my list - CLE requirements or not - and exceeded every expectation. She's one of the best CLE teachers Lawline has.

Kevin T.

Stephanie was a very well-prepared, and VERY organized, presenter! This seminar was very substantive, with NO wasted time.

Brian P.

Great presenter and content. She explained very relevant info in a clear and concise manner. Valuable course.

Mark A.

Good coverage of the topic.

Thomas B.

Thank you!

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