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Employee Handbooks: Why You Should Care and How to Draft One

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Produced on: June 27, 2015

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Time 50 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Let's face it - office manuals are likely the most overlooked communications. Often, clients don't spend enough time drafting them and employees only review them when disgruntled or terminating their employment.


Join Rania V. Sedhom, Founding Member, Sedhom & Mayhew, PLLC, A Bespoke Law FirmTM, as she discusses office manual use and preparation, and why preparation should go from perfunctory to passionate!


Learning Objectives:

I.    Understand the importance of creating an employee handbook

II.   Grasp basic provisions that should be included

III.  Identify the critical components of a meaningful employee handbook

IV.  Recognize employee relations issues and the employee handbook as a reference manual



Rania V. Sedhom

Sedhom Law Group, PLLC

Rania V. Sedhom, Managing Partner of the firm, is an attorney who provides practical and efficient solutions to complex problems. Rania has extraordinary interpersonal skills that allow her to forge win-win relationships across diverse organizations and cross-functional stakeholders. She is also a skilled legal and business commentator with appearances on national print and TV media, including L.A. Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, Forbes, Inc., Business Week, and CNN Money. 

 Rania is admitted to the Bars of the State of New York and New Jersey, the Eastern District of New York, the Southern District of New York, the District of New Jersey and the Third Circuit. Rania attended Syracuse University College of Law, where she was Editor of The Labor Lawyer and The Digest and served as Vice-Justice of the Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity. Prior to law school, Rania attended Columbia University where she majored in political science.


Tim B.

Presenter very knowledgeable and good teacher

Kushal M.

good passion

Kirstin K.

Very good speaker, made the subject interesting and relevant

Ana M. M.

Very informative. Would watch 2 more hours!

Alfred S.

Thoughtful and informative.

Diana Y.

great speaker. very practical and helpful

Lisa D.

I thought the most helpful segment was on deleting sections that aren't enforced. Excellent advice and information.

David E.

Very informative

Heather T.

Great speaker

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