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Emerging Issues in Class Action Settlements of Consumer Fraud & Other Product-Related Cases

1h 2m

Created on July 25, 2019




Despite recent questions involving nationwide class action settlements, they continue to be a favored mechanism for resolving consumer fraud and similar product litigation in a single proceeding. This program, led by Skadden attorneys Christopher Cox, Thomas Fox, and Kelsey Castleberry, will discuss the procedural ins and outs of consumer class actions and the exciting current issues surrounding them.  

Topics addressed will include:
  • Changes to Rule 23 settlement provisions
  • Class settlements Post-Hyundai and Kia lawsuits
  • Non-cash and coupon settlements
  • Cy Pres payments
  • Attorneys General and class settlements
  • Critical drafting issues

Learning Objectives:

  1. Address the changes to Rule 23 settlement provisions
  2. Identify procedural best practices
  3. Break down important drafting issues that arise in class action suits

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