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Eliminating or Minimizing Liens in Personal Injury Settlements

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Health insurance companies, medical providers, workers compensation carriers, and both federal and state governments have become more aggressive over the years in trying to recapture payments made towards an injured person's medical bills in personal injury cases. These liens can greatly impact a client's bottom line recovery in such cases. This course will provide an overview of what liens might exist with regard to your client's personal injury case and how to best address them.

In this practical program, you will learn how to identify liens that might impact the bottom line for you and your client in personal injury cases. You also will learn how to combat such liens to either eliminate them or at least minimize them. 

This program will benefit personal injury attorneys. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify potential liens in your personal injury cases as early as possible

  2. Use strategies to eliminate or reduce the liens

  3. Differentiate which liens automatically apply by law as opposed to ones that must be established.

  4. Combat ERISA liens

  5. Differentiate state-specific liens versus federal law based liens

  6. Ethically explain and address liens with your clients

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