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Eight Steps for Developing a Strategic Public Relations Plan: An Overview


Created on March 14, 2022





A lawyer's first step in harnessing the power of public relations is creating a solid foundation on which to build. This session is structured around the analogy that creating an effective PR plan is like building a new house. It is an exciting time that requires financing, strategic thinking, careful planning, and follow-through. It requires time, attention, and measurable objectives. If correctly employed and executed, public relations will raise awareness about a lawyer's legal services and can position them as a go-to resource in an ever-growing, competitive marketplace. Lawyers will learn that their strategic game plan will be used to reach their target audience and convey their messages, as well as to form the foundation of their public relations plan. We will also explore the common PR tactics they can use - such as publicity, community relations, special events, speaking engagements, sponsorships, and other forms of proactive communications - to shape public opinion

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