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Effectively Managing a Commercial Arbitration: From Preparing a Claim through Securing an Award

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In the face of COVID-19 and backlogged courts, the demand for arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution has grown exponentially. Understanding the basics of this process is valuable for all litigators, especially those not yet versed in this valuable medium. For the more experienced practitioners, a refresher, along with some practice pointers, can be useful. This course, taught by Leslie Berkoff, Partner and Chair of Moritt Hock & Hamroff's Dispute Resolution Practice Group, will be review how counsel can economically manage a commercial arbitration and make the process work for an efficient resolution of a dispute.

This program will cover the basics of commercial arbitration, and will include understanding the preparation and filing of a claim with an arbitral tribunal; considering the selection of an arbitrator appropriate to the process, and preparing for your preliminary conference, and knowing the deadlines and options available in the process. Attendees will also explore how to evaluate what discovery, if any, should be requested; what motions should be considered as valuable; when or why to seek a hearing versus document submissions; the distinctions between a simple or reasoned award; what happens after the award is entered; and how to close out the process.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explore the structure of the arbitration process, including an overview of arbitration options 

  2. Identify how to commence an arbitration, including how to file a claim and select an arbitrator

  3. Navigate preparing for the preliminary conference and obtaining the scheduling order

  4. Manage the arbitration process through submission of motions, evidence, and/or a hearing

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