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Effective Use of Technology in the Courtroom

1h 15m

Created on June 16, 2018




Technology has changed the way trials are conducted. From jury research during voir dire, to opening and closing graphics, witness examinations and more, technology has changed the nature of trial work. Because of smartphones, people in general are now used to processing information through screens and graphics. Trial lawyers now need to present information in that same way.

This lecture, presented by trial attorney Moshe Horn, will explore jury research, including ethical boundaries of internet research, and attitudinal jury research. The program will also review different techniques of trial graphics and the legal and ethical evidentiary limits and standards of courtroom visuals. Lastly, the program will discuss how to effectively use many of the additional technological tools that lawyers now commonly use during a trial, such as PowerPoint, sanction, trial graphics, and storyboarding.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the many ways in which lawyers utilize technology during each phase of a trial, from jury selection through the closing statement
  2. Explore the legal, ethical, and evidentiary limits of juror research and courtroom visuals
  3. Discuss how to effectively use technological tools in the courtroom

This course originally appeared as a part of our June 2018 Bridge the Gap Event.

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