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Effective Use of Technology at Trial in Illinois


Created on May 05, 2017



In this day and age, it is borderline legal malpractice to choose not to incorporate technology into your trial presentation. This program, presented by attorney Matthew Passen, will discuss the reasons for using trial technology, the options available for use during pre-trial litigation and trial-including iPad app and PC software recommendations-and the legal standard for use of various demonstrative exhibits in Illinois.

Relevant Illinois statutes, case law, rules of civil procedure and evidence addressing this topic is discussed. The presenter will provide examples of effective demonstrative exhibits and other technology from actual cases, and discuss "how to" technologically equip a typical courtroom in Illinois.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Explain why trial lawyers should consider using technology at trial
  2. Discuss cost-effective trial technology applications for iPad and PC
  3. Review Illinois law regarding demonstrative evidence
  4. Provide examples of effective trial graphics
  5. Summarize the technology equipment necessary to properly equip a courtroom in Illinois state court

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