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Effective Use of Depositions for a Personal Injury Trial


Created on March 13, 2018




Join attorney Justin Blitz to discuss issues related to taking and defending depositions in personal injury cases. In this program, Mr. Blitz will discuss how to ask questions effectively, how to prepare your witness for their deposition, and address the art of taking non-party depositions. He will also discuss which documents to use as exhibits in depositions, as well as offer tips and strategies for using said depositions to prove your prima facie case. Mr. Blitz will even address nuances such as when to object (or not object!) to a question your client is asked, when it makes sense to not conduct a deposition, and the advantages of video depositions.  

Understand how to put yourself - and your client - in the best position for settlement and success at trial with this pertinent program.  

Learning Objectives:

  1. Appreciate deposition procedures
  2. Identify the proper questions to ask
  3. Prepare your witness for deposition
  4. Properly review of your file prior to deposition
  5. Use exhibits effectively at depositions

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