Collateral Consequences of Marijuana Laws: A Practical Approach to Criminal Defense of Marijuana Laws

Production Date: April 20, 2016 Practice Areas: Criminal Law, Food, Beverage, & Agriculture, and Marijuana Law Estimated Length: 3631 minutes


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As more and more states begin to ease restrictions on the use and possession of marijuana and to enact medical marijuana statutes, it is important to understand that, for now, non-medical cannabis use and possession is still illegal in in the vast majority of states and under Federal law. Join attorneys Rochelle Berliner and Shelley Albert as they share their extensive knowledge of these intricate—and conflicting—marijuana laws.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Identify marijuana sale and possession laws 

II.    Discuss DWI laws in connection with marijuana

III.   Understand collateral consequences of a marijuana conviction in connection with, among other things, professional licensing, education and immigration 

IV.   Compare medical marijuana laws

V.    Recognize how state laws are affected by federal law

VI.   Review practice tips on how to defend your client from a marijuana charge

Catherine H.
Scarsdale, NY

These two presenters were excellent. They really seemed to know the law. They clearly had lots of personal professional experience which they could speak to. They also added in some fun tidbits which made it a great presentation.

Ivan K.
New York, NY

This presentation is excellent will watch itmultiple times. The presenters are excellent

Mark P.
Middlefield, CT

an excellent explanation

Harlan S.
Oakland, CA

Presenters personable and knowledgeable. Much good and useable information provided re collateral issues re job, licensure and especially federal immigration consequences of various mj charges or convictions

Jason R.
Charlotte, NC

good job.

Nicole N.
Irvine, CA

Very informative; the multi-state distinctions were very interesting!

Donald L.
Latham, NY

Please pass on my compliments to the presenters. An excellent presentation.

Charles C.
Wilmington, NC

Interesting, great to have yet another approach to this area of law...

Edward H.
Chicago, IL

Useful and practical

Alfred D.
Long Beach, CA

Nice overall overview.

Terry B.
Wayne, NJ

good course

Rebecca J.
Chicago, IL

Useful presentation

Thuy-Linh N.
Dallas, TX

Good CLE format with two people.

Dennis V.
Dallas, TX

I'm glad TX was specifically mentioned, thanks for including my state.

Kim F.
Oak Park, IL

Nice to have different presenters that had a conversation & dialogue.

Diane E.
Justice, IL

keeping in mind the significant consequences is so important and should not be overlooked

Amy H.
Chicago, IL

I would love to see an hour course for each state on this issue.

Jennifer A.
Riverwoods, IL

Found it very helpful especially in light of the changing of various state laws.

Steve G.
East Alton, IL

Very informative. Girls knew the stuff.

Constance H.
Penfield, NY

Excellent presentation. Both presenters were interesting and extremely knowledgeable.

Matthew D.
Malibu, CA

Good course. Interesting topic.

Edward F.

Overall - a very good job! With such legal differences among the states, this presentation makes clear that there is no substitute for having an in-depth understanding of the law of the specific jurisdictions where a client is active. The variety of law

Cynthia R M.
North Little Rock, AR

Enjoyed the back and forth between the presentaters