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Drafting Practice Patient Consent Forms and Managing Marketing Strategies under HIPAA


Created on March 29, 2021





Like physicians, dentists, and other healthcare practitioners are opening up their own practices, it is important that they have the necessary patient forms to protect them against potential malpractice actions as well as any potential HIPAA breaches that may occur. The forms consist of the consent for a specific treatment as well as office policies, financial forms, COVID-19 safety rules and guidelines, telehealth consents, and many more. Understanding what is required in these forms and drafting them accordingly will allow the practice to concentrate on patient care. The information contained in these forms will reduce the risk and liability of the practice, and the individual practitioner, if drafted correctly.

All practitioners understand the overall concept of HIPAA, but when it comes to marketing the practice especially on social media, there are certain considerations that practices need to be aware of in order to protect themselves. Understanding how to navigate these issues will allow the practitioner to not only be HIPAA compliant but allow all members of the practice to act without creating a potential breach for the practice. 

This course, taught by Healthcare attorney Stephanie Rodin, will provide you with an overview of the key aspects, clauses, and rules that are common in drafting the patient consent forms and how a practice can avoid common pitfalls of HIPAA when marketing and advertising their services. You'll have a better understanding of how to draft patient forms that protect your client, while fully informing their patient of the potential risks, benefits, and office policies to allow for an overall better experience for both the patient and the provider. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Review the distinction between different patient consent forms
  2. Identify what should be included in each patient form in order to provide notice to the practice patients
  3. Discuss the basics of HIPAA and how it relates to the patient consent forms
  4. Provide practical guidance on protecting the practice from a HIPAA breach as it relates to marketing and advertising 

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