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Drafting, Negotiating, and Reviewing Commercial and Residential Lease Agreements

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Produced on July 09, 2019

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Course Information

Time 92 minutes
Difficulty Beginner

Course Description

Regardless of the type of business of your client, the particulars of your practice, or the geographic location in which you or your clients do business, it is inevitable that at some point you will encounter a residential or commercial lease agreement. For example, you might be called upon by a client to draft such an agreement or to review an existing lease. Similarly, you might represent an investor who acquires commercial properties. More than likely, at some point you will be asked to review and comment on an existing commercial lease agreement in connection with one of the acquired properties, or you might have to prepare such an agreement in conjunction with an upcoming purchase. Alternatively, you might represent a client who is buying a home; however, there is a tenant in the home and you are given a lease agreement to review to determine when and how the tenant can be evicted.

Lease agreements can be lengthy, complicated, and tedious to prepare and review; however, their importance cannot be overstated. It is rarely a wise decision to operate or do business where there is no lease agreement in place or where one has not been reduced to writing. This program will undertake a general overview of lease agreements—both commercial and residential—and discuss and analyze the necessary terms that should be in these agreements along with some of the many nuances that practitioners can anticipate when drafting or reviewing lease agreements.

This course, presented by Ken Biedzynski, Esq. of Goldzweig, Green, Eiger & Biedzynski, L.L.C, will review legal issues relating to the above topics and also provide and discuss applicable forms that practitioners will need to use to achieve their objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the standard and/or necessary items that should appear in either a residential or commercial lease agreement
  2. Determine when drafting a lease agreement, what methodology the practitioner adhere to
  3. Review common considerations that should be addressed in most lease agreements
  4. Discuss reviewing and drafting guideline
  5. Provide practical guidance for practitioners representing residential and commercial landlords and tenants in the review and/or preparation of commercial and residential lease agreements

Credit Information

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Kenneth Biedzynski

Law Offices of Goldzweig, Green, Eiger & Biedzynski, L.L.C.

Ken Biedzynski is a law partner with the law offices of Goldzweig, Green, Eiger & Biedzynski, LLC, in the firm’s Freehold, New Jersey, office. Mr. Biedzynski is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and he has been so since 1993. His practice specializes in landlord-tenant law and he has represented various local and national property management companies, residential landlords, residential tenants, commercial landlords, as well as commercial tenants in his 24 years of practicing law. Mr. Biedzynski also serves as special counsel to Marlboro Township (Monmouth County, New Jersey) in affordable housing matters and he has been in that capacity since 2008.

In representing both residential and commercial landlords and tenants, Mr. Biedzynski has drafted numerous residential and commercial leases and he has also litigated various landlord-tenant cases in many counties throughout the State of New Jersey. He has represented clients relating to regulatory matters for subsidized housing, represented clients in rent controlled communities, represented mobile home communities, prosecuted various types of eviction actions under New Jersey’s Anti-Eviction Act, and, handled and defended various post-eviction proceedings against both residential and commercial tenants.

In addition to performing transactional work and litigating various landlord-tenant matters, Mr. Biedzynski also has an extensive legal writing background. He has authored numerous articles for West’s American Jurisprudence 2d and Illinois Practice and he also has written numerous law review articles for Seton Hall School of Law, the University of Miami, as well as written articles for the New Jersey Apartment Association.


Lizzy S.

great sample documents

Sherry G.

excellent course! the course documents are very helpful

Steven F.

Excellent instructor, good materials.

Shaun S.

Very practical. I wish residential and commercial leases were separate courses because I have no interest in residential and I think most people would be interested in one or the other

E. Nathan S.


Kathleen J. P.

Very thorough, thank you!

Van N.

really appreciate the handouts with sample lease.

William B.

The speaker's premise that transactional lawyers will likely come into contact with leases has proven true in my practice. His oversight and level of detail was very good, and the materials are some of the best I have seen on LawLine.

Paul M.

Great course. Very good instructor.

Larry N.

Excellent presentation

James E.

Very good course.

Michael G.

excellent, very informative

Polly K.

Excellent course materials which I will study and use regularly.


Speaker is the type of lawyer I aspire to be--no nonsense, authoritative, and thoroughly expert in the subject matter.

Douglas S.

Very technical, but very thorough.

Stephen G.

Excellent Presentation

Lisa O.

Excellent speaker. Wish the course had been 2 hours so he could have gone into more depth talking about the sample lease clauses.

Jennifer Anne O.


terra b.

great course

Dena F.


Elizabeyh L.

Very informative presentation with very good suggestions also. Really enjoyed!

Michael R.

Excellent lecturer. Also - great question Lauren!

Terry R.

Excellent presentation with great practical tips whether representing the landlord or the tenant.

Sandhya C.

One of the best speakers I have come across on this forum. He was engaging and thorough. It was very obvious he had litigation and transactional experience in the subject area. I picked up a couple of tips to include in my rental leases.

Brooke F.

This presentation was one of the best I've seen!

Ann G.

The presenter was outstanding. The depth of the presentation and materials was very thorough and helpful.

Tom H.

One of the best CLE's I have ever viewed. Y'all should find a way to use him more.

Kevin F.

This was probably the most targeted, informative CLE I watched this year.

Julie S.

Really good practical course.

John M.

Very good information.

Heather P.

Great Lecture!

Jordana K.

Great speaker!

T. O.

Kenneth Biedzynski made a wonderful presentation on a complex subject. My sincere thanks to him and to LAWLINE!

Lynn R.

Good coverage of material

Nikki K.

excellent practice tips!

Carlosandres S.

Great course.

Rory M.

This course was most informative and practical. Lecturer was one of the best I've encountered on lawlinw.

Brenda H. S.

very good materials provided with the presentation

Aaron A.

Great presentation - passionate and well informed presenter

John W.

One of the better courses I have seen. The course materials are great.

Susan R.

Get this instructor to do more!

Jennifer H.

Very strong content. Examples, issue discussion and an engaged passionate speaker. Thank you!

Tucker C.

Excellent course and presentation.

Sally P.

Very informative and helpful.

Paul N.

One of the Best presenters, ever hired by Lawline

London V.

Great speaker

Maureen R.


Joseph R.

The content was extremely helpful and thorough.

Jane P.

Very informative...great presenter!

Jennifer F.

The speaker was very knowledgeable. I could have used another hour with him!

Greg L.

very helpful

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