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Production Date: April 19, 2016 Practice Areas: Ethics Estimated Length: 3609 minutes


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Laurie Besden, Esquire, Executive Director of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of PA, shares her compelling personal story of an insatiable drug addiction that nearly took her life but settled for her freedom.


Through an in-depth telling of her recovery journey (including her eventual reinstatement to the practice of law), Ms. Besden provides information on how to identify and help attorneys in distress due to substance use and mental health disorders, and outlines the resources for help available, including an overview of LCL services.


The program also includes shocking statistics regarding the prevalence of substance use and mental health disorders in the U.S. legal industry.


Learning Objectives:

I.     Grasp the disease and recovery of addiction

II.    Understand the prevalence of substance use and mental health disorders in the US legal industry

III.   Recognize that everyone is impacted by substance use or mental health disorders at some point in their lives; directly or indirectly

IV.   Know that resources are available and that there is always hope


Caroline P.
Houston, TX

Compelling speaker

Neelam N.
San Francisco, CA

The speaker was very effective

Patricia M.
San Francisco, CA

Very impactful

Ryan N.
Emmett, ID

Amazing story

Kevin L.
Bettendorf, IA

Fabulous course

Doris D.
Park Forest, IL

It was very, very, informative and interesting.

Lew H.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent supporting documents

Michael M.
Torrance, CA

Heart felt and eye opening. Thank you.

David G.
Williamston, NC

Mind Blowing

Jaime M.
Los Angeles, CA

Very thoughtful.

Jennifer I.
Torrance, CA

Great presentation! Could even be divided into two presentations, to delve deeper into the risk of lawyers to develop substance abuse and mental health disorders separately.

Jalissa H.
Oak Park, IL

Fantastic "confessional" telling from a colleague, who has opened herself up to prioritize helping others.

Omar T.
Lafayette, LA


Julie T.
Captain Co0k, HI

very informative, interesting, and relevant.

David W.
Tempe, AZ

Really great and informative presentation. The presenter's personal narrative was vulnerable, but also reaffirming for how victory can be achieved from recovery.

Lawrence K.
Van Nuys, CA

Very inspirational story and discussion about the issues of addiction in our profession

Ken C.
Boulder, CO

Great presentation.

Dominique M.
Denver, CO

Excellent presentation with an inspirational personal story.

Bridget G.
Osseo, MN

That was an excellent look at reality and what steps can be taken to help yourself or others in need

Monica H.
Mount Vernon, OH

Absolute BEST CLE I have ever heard!! Bravo Ma'am!!

Nancy Moss G.
Reno, NV

Best sub. abuse program I have seen--I may have my kids watch it. However, a couple of small things popped into my head that may be good to address . First, Laurie was compelled to detox/enter treatment, whereas many attorneys would need to do so voluntarily. Second, she was never a practicing attorney & her addiction began might be helpful to point out that this distinction shouldn't matter. Thank you again for an excellent presentation.

Allan M.
Lone Tree, CO

good cle

Richard B.
Liberty, TX

Thank you, Ms. Besden for your selflessness in giving yourself away to others in need. You are a point of light in dark places.

Aaron L.
Houston, TX

This speaker was very informative and told her story in a way that I found very interesting. I appreciate her candor and openness in discussing such a sensitive matter. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors and continued recovery.

Kevin H.
Minneapolis, MN

This presentation was powerful and compelling. The presenter was terrific.

Karen Y.
Bothell, WA

Riveting. God bless her!

Bray T.
Brookhaven, GA

Amazing story! Spectacular presentation!

Michael L.
Las Vegas, NV

Very sobering to me.

Brandan B.
Minneapolis, MN

Wow. An amazing and insightful story.

Carrie B.
las Vegas, NV

Absolutely appreciated the candid retelling of the road through addiction to recovery. This may be the most meaningful CLE I’ve done. Thank you to the speaker for sharing.

Jeri W.
Castle Rock, CO

Very helpful for not only lawyers but anyone suffering from addiction.

irina a.
reno, NV

convincing presentation thank you

James R.
Chicago, IL

Wow! What a journey. God bless.

Megan A.
San Diego, CA


Kenneth S.
Wayne, IL

an amazing and inspirational personal Odyssey

Peter L.
Austin, TX

very moving presentation

Ross S.
Springfield, VA


Lawrence A.
Chevy Chase, MD

Outstanding presentation and a story we all need to hear

Anne W.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Excellent speaker!

Lynn K.
Rockville, VA

Fantastic and compelling presentation. Incredibly thought-provoking, especially due to the very personal account of a survivor who should inspire others

John M.
Virginia Beach, VA

This is one of the better ethics CLEs I've ever had. I saw the addiction train coming in my life and got out before it got to bad but the knowledge that Lawyers helping Lawyers was out made me look long and hard.

Daniel W.
Washington, DC

I didn't expect a program about substance abuse, but it was good!

Donna W.
Northbrook, IL

The speaker is outstanding. Her honesty is to be admired.

Kristine C.
Dubuque, IA

Excellent presentation!!!

Corinne K. T.

Best CLE I've seen.

Linda W.
Fredricksburg, VA

Very articulate and honest presentation

Cathie H.
Mechanicsville, VA

Fascinating presentation because it was so courageous. She talks from the heart and it was such a relief to hear a real story!

James H.
Princeton, NJ

Amazing story. Very Inspiring.

Emily P.
Greenville, SC

This is one of the best courses you all have. Inspiring and informative. Important for all to know even if they are not addicts. Thank you!

D F.
Davidson, NC

Laurie was outstanding in her presentation and her passion for the topic. Best of luck to her.

Daniel M.
Roswell, GA


Kimberly T.
Newark, NJ


Malcolm D.
Humble, TX

Sad story. She really was saved.

Hilary J.
Abingdon, VA

Excellent presentation and one every single attorney - and every person - should watch.

Joseph G.
Friendswood, TX

The best class I have taken. What an amazing story.

Thaddeus B.
Tampa, FL

great class

Daniel M.
castle rock, CO

Very inspirational and informative.

Jeffrey K.
melville, NY

Outstanding, powerful.

Carolyn H.
New York, NY

Amazing story

Lisa O.
Quincy, IL

Excellent presentation - I would highly recommend.

Jeffrey G.
Richmond, VA

This was a gift from God. Thank you.

Ann R.
Naperville, IL

So inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story.

Francis M.
Springfield, VA

Excellent presentation

Tayebe S.
Northbrook, IL

Laurie's story is so compelling. Thank God for the work you and your organization do. I have a relative in rehab now. I pray he finds sobriety like you and can live a purposeful life.

Ronald R.
Kemah, TX


Georgian P.
Birmingham, AL

Excellent program! Interesting speaker!

George T.
Chicago, IL

Every lawyer in the US should listen to this podcast.

Christina M.
Mi Kisco, NY

Amazing presentation. Eye opening.

Philip C.
Houston, TX

great lady and lawyer thank you

claude w.
Richmond, VA

She does a good job!

Joanna S.
Brooklyn, NV

she did a great job of telling her powerful story.

Joseph R.
New Haven, CT

Incredible personal story with extensive slides

Carolann D.
Phoenixville, PA

Life changing course. Vital for our profession! Thank you!

Richard C.
Kerrville, TX

One of the best hours that I've spent in years. it is a brilliantly effective presentation.

Richard M.
Wexford, PA

highly recommended

Ira J C.
Fairfax, VA

Ms. Besden was amazing!

McLean, VA

Powerful presentation.

Robert R.
River Vale, NJ

very helpful

Regan F.
New York, NY

this was a very powerful presentation. Thank you for providing this

David S.
New York, NY

I thought this was just going to fill another hour of CLE. But wow. Very powerful. Thank you

Jerry C.
lubbock, TX


Robert S.
Sherman Oaks, CA

Excellent -- first-rate -- thank you

Nancy P.
Annandale, VA

Amazingly touching presentation. Wow.

Lisa T.
Gibsonia, PA

one of the best ethics credits I have ever viewed

Richard S.
Los Angeles, CA

This course showed an unedited truth about a lawyer with a substance abuse problem. Many encounter such issues. Great job Lawline.

Lesa C.
Houston, TX

Appreciated the honesty, the advice for helping others, and the hope.

Joan G.
Arlington, LB


John P.
Bloomington, IL


Marc P.
Longmont, CO

Nice story

Maryjane L.
Houston, TX

Very well presented and informative.

Mark G.
Highland Village, TX

Very powerful and compelling story.

John Richard K.
Tyler, TX

The presenter's personal story was very powerful.

carol b.
Houston, TX

Incredible story, honestly told and relevant to all of us.

Jean-Paul C.
Los Angeles, CA

Hopefully this message gets out to folks who need to hear it. The honesty of the story is commendable.

Martha V.
Denton, TX

Fantastic information!

Dave M.
Duluth, MN

Wow. Makes a very compelling and very moving case for the value of intervention and helping one another.

Ralph C.
Ozone Park, NY

Very good course.

Jacqueline S.
Redondo Beach, CA

Excellent presenter.

Alma H.
McKinney, TX

Fascinating! Thank you for sharing your story with us!

Hana C.

One of the best CLE lectures. The speaker was very engaging and the personal touch to her stories were very inspirational.

Jaclyn C.
New York, NY

great program

Natalie L.
Linden, NJ

I never realized someone could go through so much and the speaker is just amazing how she recovered. A true model.

William A. H.
Weatherford, TX

Every lawyer should see this

S.A. M.
Atlanta, GA

Every attorney should watch this program

Kyle K.
East Rutherford, NJ

A very compelling presentation.

Barry E Y.
Marlton, NJ

Very informative and humane.

Ron V.
Greenwood Vil, CO

This course provided many insights that may prove useful in the future when addressing issues with colleagues

Donna S.
Herndon, VA

Amazing and inspiring story!

Lisa L.
Buena Vista, CO

Courageous program. Loved the honesty of the presenter.

Vanessa f.
New York, NY

thank you for sharing such a personal story with us!

Lori W.
Mooresville, NC

The presenter was very honest and transparent. Excellent presentation.

Erik G.
Grand Junction, CO

A very compelling and moving personal story!

Cecilia C.
San Francisco, CA

Incredibly brave and inspiring story.

Veronica P.
Washington, DC

Laurie is very brave to do this program. I found it informative and enhancing. Good on Lawline for having it!

Lori A.
San Antonio, TX

Wish there was more content

Stephen R.
New york, NY


Judith K.
Landenberg, PA

Thank you for a great presentation

Michael A.
Columbia, SC

Presenter was very persuasive and knowledgeable from first hand experience of the dangers of substance abuse and other mental health issues relevant to attorneys.

Alysa S.
Larchmont, NY

Great lecture

Farid M.
New York, NY

Her story is amazing!!!

Michael O.
San Diego, CA

Awesome Very Inspiring

Christyann P.
Springfield, VA

good message and reminders

Charles C.
Brady, TX

As recovering alcoholic with 23 years sobriety, I thought the presentation was very good!

Robert G.
Inola, OK

Lot of courage to tell your story. Glad the ending was happy!

John S.
Houston, TX

Most meaningful CLE I attended inn 36 years.

Brutrinia A.
Rockville, MD

I deeply appreciated Leslie's authenticity and transparency. This should be required viewing for all entering law students. Her story reminded me of a fellow student when I was in law school. She was an incredibly high achieving student, but she had an obvious substance abuse problem. Leslie is right. Her story is not unique.

Frederick S.
Glendale Heights, IL

Very interesting and very helpful.

Robert C.
Plymouth, MA

WOW! I don't know what else to say! Inspirational and PA is luck to have her!

Dianne S.
Carrollton, TX

amazing story--great way to understand the ethical side!!

Matthew W.
Houston, TX

Very different from all other CLE I have seen. Surprisingly, because I would have rated 3 or 4 other CLEs "a perfect 10," I have to say, this is the single best CLIE I have ever seen. Notes are fantastic. Information is also quite useful, outside of law. Everyone should see this CLE, even non-lawyers.

Bruce L.
Overland Park, KS

Interesting discussion and I admired Ms. Besden's candor.

Rebecca D.
Lexington, KY

Fantastic and very powerful and insightful.

Joslyn W.
Carbondale, CO

Fascinating story!

Jennifer C.
Kansas City, MO

Great CLE.

Gavino M.
Austin, TX

Very amazing life story from this attorney. It makes you very self-aware and gives hope to anyone who believes there is none. Amazing person.

Kimberly C.
Hawthorn Woods, IL

Thank you for sharing your story!

Elizabeth P.
North Bellmore, NY

Interesting and informative

Julie P.
St. Charles, IL

Excellent program and handout

Frederick S.
West Terre Haute, IN

Should be played for each graduating law school class!

L. Michael S.
Overland Park, KS

Compelling story, and important story to hear.

james p.
Oak Lawn, IL

Very good presentation

Deanna R.
East Amherst, NY

I admire her courage and commitment to helping other in need with her own story.

Chicago, IL

I think this is a good program for the profession, sometimes we forget how vulnerable we all are.

Todd T.
Pleasanton, CA

A very compelling presentation.

Tomas E.
Brooklyn, NY

" Fantastic " One of the best programs.

Jodie S.
Fate, TX

Excellent and inspiring presentation.

Shannon P.
Towanda, PA

Fabulous program, and inspiring speaker. This program should be a "must see" for all attorneys everywhere.

William H.
Winchester, VA

Took this course on whim as I was just looking for another ethics course. Came away inspired by and proud of Ms. Besden.

Kevin B.
Austin, TX

Great real life cle.

Paula L.
Dallas, TX

What CLE has the potential to save more attorneys from death or ruined careers or wasted lives than this CLE program? The answer is there no such program.

Robert F.
Sterling, VA

Incredible story with valuable advice.

Gunta H.
Olathe, KS

Appreciated the added insight into process after rock bottom.

Salvatore T.
Bloomingdale, IL

Wow, what an hour ! She was amazing and makes me proud to be a lawyer.

Palatine, IL

Great presentation

Louise B.
Aroma Park, IL

good example of addiction based on personal experience

Ann T.
Denver, CO

It was a good story about the speaker's substance abuse history.

Benjamin H.
Andover, KS

very informative

Patricia R.
Chicago, IL

Great class - very helpful

William D.
Austin, TX

Probably should be required program for all lawyers. Thank you.

John J.
Port Arthur, TX

Honestly, I was just trying to tick off some quick CLE. This was so compelling. Thank you.

martisse b.
Holly Springs, NC

I think she was great. Kept my attention the entire time and made me really think about me and my kids future with substance abuse.

Anthony L.
Houston, TX

very powerful

Amy K.
Manhattan, NY

She was wonderful. Such an inspirational story. Really touching.

Kenneth W.
Hobart, IN

A sobering tale. Very brave of the presenter to be so honest about her situation.

Linda K.
Randolph, NJ

Thank the speaker for her candor and for imparting a hopeful message. She's an excellent speaker.

Amelia J.
Pittsburgh, PA

This is one of the most useful CLE programs I have ever seen. Knowing that there is help and how to get it is an awesome tool for attorneys to have in our toolbox. Awesome!

Richard R.
Stamford, CT


Richard R.
Chesterton, IN

Thank you for sharing

Christina Renee B.
Coppell, TX

Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

Lynn F.
Rochester, NY

Well done. Informative.

Gael H.
Navasota, TX

Great course.

Dana P.
Rockville, MD

It was eye-opening and well presented.

Jack S.
Phoenix, AZ

Powerful presentation,

Teresa H.
Schertz, TX

Excellent CLE.

Jane J.
Grapevine, TX

Honest, courageous, and full of hope

Rich W.
Rockford, IL

Very powerful presentation by someone who has been there and done that. she truly knows what she's talking about.

Martha P.
Chicago, IL

Very nice!

Ken C.

Speaker was very frank and interesting.

John A.
Winnsboro, TX

The most impassioned course I've ever watched on Lawline. Inspiring, useful and informative.

Paula N.
Annandale, VA

Outstanding presentation.

Colleen S.
Fairport, NY

amazing story of survival

Ruth G.
Chicago, IL

Very interesting to hear the personal story and the passion of the speaker for recovery.

Linda W.
Highland Park, IL

Great presentation

Heather S.
Fairview, NC

Great CLE. I

Iris G.
Beverly Hills, CA

Sharing her story will help others.

Kristin T.
Kildeer, IL

One of the most captivating ones I have viewed. Changed my view on mandatory Bar fees for lawyers assistance.

Rosemary B.
Elma, NY

It was shocking to hear but great to hear that she succeeded after all she went through

Libertyville, IL

One of the best CLE programs I have taken. Laurie was amaxing and has incredible courage. Thank you for educating so many about this disease !

Frank E.
Newport News, VA

Good personal approach to topic

Richard C.
Chicago, IL

It's hard to believe the journey Laurie has traveled, and where she is now. She's doing a remarkable service for the profession , and her presentation should be a required program for all law school applicants.

Tim M.
Overland Park, KS

The best CLE I have ever watched

Ian G.
Conshohocken, PA


John M.
Nevis, MN

great presenter

Robert K.
Overland Park, KS

That was very good

Mary S.
Wilmette, IL

This was a fantastic presentation - I am very happy that the speaker was able to get to where she has gotten.

Todd R.
Prairie Vlg, KS

Very informative

Steven L.
Fort Worth, TX

Not what I expected, but it was really good.

April W.
Spring, TX

You are so strong! Thank you for sharing your story.

Michael L.
Bristol, VA

An unbelievable story.

Patrick O.
Brooklyn, NY

Powerful and courageous.

Michael A.
Bellmore, NY

This was compelling; I'm very glad that I chose this course.

Sandra S.
Buffalo Grove, IL

Fantastic, honest, engaging presentation!

David W.
Raleigh, NC

Alcohol and drug abuse is a big problem in our profession. The instructor was courageous in sharing her story, and offered some great ideas on helping attorney addicts.

Michael E.
Highland Park, IL


Chantal J.
Philadelphia, PA

This is very important and we should have more of these. particularly of lawyers in private practice and how to deal with this issue before it leads to suspended licenses.

Charles B.
Sugar Land, TX

Excellent presentation.

Barbara S.
Roslyn, NY

Inspirational, thought provoking speaker with an important message, and story to tell.

pamela w.
Dallas, TX


Brenda H.
Larned, KS

Excellent presentation.

Amanda B.
Louisville, KY

This faculty presenter was amazing.

Wendy M.
Santa Barbara, CA

Very eye-opening.

Kevin F.


James F.
Stamford, CT

Important topic, great that there is help available!

Jane T.
Duluth, GA

Brutally honest. Fantastic!

Ethan G.
Brooklyn, NY

as a former county bar president, I am grateful to the speaker for sharing her story. Too many attorneys, in the business of absorbing other people's problems, feel alone when confronting their own demons.

Rita O.
Walnut, CA

Kudos to the speaker for her bravery

jon s.
Brownsville, TX

A courageous and talented young woman.

Dwight B.
Flatwoods, KY


Brian D.
White Plains, NY

Best CLE I have ever taken. Thanks.

Michael S.
Brooklyn, NY

One of the best CLEs I have taken.

Hubert L.
Manhattan, NY

very effective

Ellen P.

Really moving personal story.

Scott D.
White Plains, NY

gripping personal story, great to see that she persevered and is back helping other attorneys.

Craig H.

very compelling and effective presentation

Jennifer G.
Garden City, NY

Another excellent course.

Zahara A.
Dallas, TX

Very personal and very real. Thank you for sharing your story. You are a great advocate.

shari k.
Rochester, NY


Patrick C.
Valdosta, GA


Norman S.
Glen Cove, NY

interesting course

Dinetah S.
Briarcliff Manor, NY

This was a fantastic and eye opening program.

Lawrence F.
New York, NY

powerful testimony

Rock Hill, SC

Fascnating story. Glad to hear she is in recovery. I will be on the look-out, based on her suggestions, for colleagues who may be in need of some assistance.

Faber M.
Navasota, TX


Edgar G.
Commerce, TX


Kimberly S.
Los Angeles, CA

Really appreciated this lecture. Thank you!

Daniel D.
Broomall, PA

appreciated the speaker's honesty.

randal m.
Dallas, TX


Robert D.
Austin, TX

Speaker had an amazing story and presented it very well

Daniel H.
Manassas, VA

Very good.

Mona W.
Long Beach, CA

Personal story was a powerful one, thanks

Jodi F.
Mount Pleasant, SC

Thank you for the work you do.

Demyra M.
Kinston, NC

This was the most transparent and moving course I have ever taken! It will provide you with a level of empathy for SA like nothing ever before. We ALL need this class. This woman is a Blessing. TO the Presenter of this class - If you are reading this message, please know that telling your story to others is invaluable and I pray for you God's greatest blessings. You have been through enough and you have paid for it all. Do not let anyone ever make you feel bad or guilty for your past. You are helping many people.

George S.
Indianapolis, IN

The presenters candor made her points effective.

Stephanie M.
Atlanta, GA


Cynthia P.
Alexandria, VA

Powerful presentation. I hung on to every word.

John W.
Simi Valley, CA

Gog Bless You and Thank You for what you do!!!

Vaughn M.
Waxhaw, NC

I appreciate presenter's honesty.

John H.
Charlotte, NC

If there is ever a CLE that can help attorneys, this is it.

Donald R.
Matthews, NC

Very powerful presentation.

Christopher C.
Greenville, SC

The presenter was wonderful. I am so glad she was reinstated. What a difference she is making.

Regina K.
Centerport, NY

Very inspiring. Wishing you continued success.

Matthew Z.
Wilmington, NC

Great Speaker/Presenter!

Carol M.
Roseburg, OR

Very insightful and kept my attention. Plenty of opportunities to use information discussed in this program

Veronica C.
Asheville, NC

Great presentation. I appreciate hearing a real story versus just being told statistics.

Zvi S.
San Diego, CA


Tonda C.
Tyler, TX


Stephen M.
Tyler, TX

Very informative, moving story. I'm glad things worked out, and appreciate the encouragement and information!

Michell B.
Magnolia, TX

God bless her and the attorney that came to her rescue! She provided a very good approach if you come across someone that you are concerned may have a substance abuse problem. I know several attorneys that are now clean and sober, but never asked them what made them turn their lives around. I am sure that they had someone intervene like she did, and that probably saved their lives. Very moving, and important issue in our practice.

J Gregory F.
Charlotte, NC

very interesting

Allen W.
Santa Clara, CA

great story

Sonia B.
New York, NY

Very enlightening

Jamilee K.
Ashburn, VA

The speaker held my attention throughout. She was fantastic. Best of luck to her always!

Gar H.
Manhattan, NY

Interesting, informative, inspirational.

Craig B.
Black Mountain, NC

This was a great CLE. Just wonderful to hear Ms. Besden's story and especially of her recovery. Thank you so much.

William R.
Encinitas, CA

honest presentation

Sarah B.
Charlotte, NC

great presentation and very heartfelt

William E.
Charlotte, NC

An effective and humble story.

Jon W.
Concord, CA

Wow. Powerful presenter.

Melinda Q.

Excellent presenter!!!

Kieran M.
Sag Harbor, NY

It was well organized presentation.

James M.
Eagle, PA

Kudos to the presenter. An excellent presentation.

Deborah L.
Las Vegas, NV

Best way to learn is from someone who's been there. Thanks for helping us help others.

Namratha R.
Philadelphia, PA

Really eye opening !

John B.
Raleigh, NC

Excellent program. Brave and riveting testimonial. K.
Tappan, NY

very useful information

Robert P.
Houston, TX

gutsy woman to lay her whole professional life out there so that others might get help.

Marilyn S.
Kansas City, MO

wow. I have 4.5 years of sobriety. the legal profession was more than I could handle. Thank you for your story.

Dallas, TX

Best Presentation on Lawline

Edward A.
Ellicott City, MD

Well done, great facts to know for ALL attorneys.

Michael G.
Houston, TX

Thank you Laurie

Lloyd G.
Waxhaw, NC

She had amazing story and therefore this course has a real impact. She is quite that Lady.

Nicole N.
Irvine, CA

Wonderful lecture, thank you for your openness and honestly!

Ashley P.
San Francisco, CA

Fantastic and brave.

Helen T.
Mount Sinai, NY

Amazing story

William H.
Richmond, VA

Terrific presentation. Appreciate Ms. Besden for sharing her story.

Arthur O.
Daly City, CA

Very informative course. Thank you.

Diane E.
Justice, IL

Just realizing that there are those who have been there that can help and have recovered is significant

Lisa M.
Durham, NC

Excellent program!

Virginia S.
San Ramon, CA

Every lawyer should see this.

Catherine K.
Barrington, IL


Eric C.
New York, NY

In some ways, a harrowing, and in other ways, an inspiring, lecture.

Richard S.
Phoenix, AZ

A compelling story told clearly and persuasively -- everyone should hear this for themselves or for people they might be able to help.

Dennis R.
dallas, TX

Excellent, very heartfelt couragious presentation!!!!

Sheldon M.
Alexandria, VA

Great program!

Scott C.
Charlotte, NC


Carol M.
Greenwich, CT

Best course I have ever taken. Brutal honesty and constructive ways to help attorneys struggling with addiction and depression.

Karen C.
Waxhaw, NC

Great program

Monica W.
Atlanta, GA

This CLE is FANTASTIC! I couldn't recommend it more. She really knows how to speak to people.

Andrew M.
North Kingstown, RI

Speaker has the ability to positively affect other attorneys by her journey.

Alan L.
Manhattan, NY

this program may save a life and may help some clients whose layers need information.

Kristin W.
Charlotte, NC


Charles C.
Wilmington, NC

gotta say she was great. thank you

Chris R.
Las Vegas, NV

Fantastic, moving seminar. Rare that there is a CLE that you think that you are a better person for spending the hour

Heidi K.
Southlake, TX

candid, honest, eager and effective. That was a great and eye-opening hour.

Mark N.
Las Vegas, NV

Terrific program

Quietta B.
Columbia, SC


joseph m.
Brick, NJ


John C.
Henderson, NV

Great program.

Ann-Kathryn S.
Alexandria, VA

An amazing illustration of the extremes of addiction and recovery and hope.

Frank R.
Houston, TX

Very good & informative!

Jordan F.
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