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Domestic and International Cross Border Practice of Law (Audio Only)

1h 2m

Created on March 16, 2020



This program, taught by Patrick H. Stiehm, is designed to alert attorneys to the issues and possible pitfalls related to practicing law in a jurisdiction (both across US jurisdictions or outside the country) in which he or she is not licensed. The course will identify major issues to consider before undertaking such representation in a variety of circumstances, whether as part of an attorney's routine practice (such as business transactions with an out of state company), or due to more extraordinary circumstances (such as the international kidnapping of a child). During the program, Patrick will introduce a number of hypothetical scenarios in which cross-border issues arise and provide guidance on how best to resolve each issue and what laws, regulations, and ethical rules are implicated.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify the legal issues presented when a client needs representation outside of your home jurisdiction
  2. Discuss when and how it may be permissible to practice law across the state or national borders
  3. Review hypotheticals related to the cross-border practice of law 

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